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Hitchhiker kittie

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Does anyone else's cat like to hitch a ride on their car? Whenever our Boogie is outside and I return from taking my daughter to school,she is sprawled out in the driveway waiting for me! I stop and she jumps on the hood,either bracing on the antenna or climbing on the very top of the car,to "hitch" a ride to the house. Of course,if there was any danger to her,I wouldn't let her get away with it,but she LOVES it!! Am I crazy or what?
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Isn't it dangerous?
It sounds so very hliarious though. I've never heard of a car-surfing kitty before! Maybe she likes the vibrations of the motor?
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It IS hilarious!! I'd give anything to catch it on video! The car just barely crawls along and I can always see her.She sits so still it's amazing.I think she just likes knowing she has conquered such big prey!! I've never seen anything like it.
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What we do for the love of a cat. They know how to train us, don't they?
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You have to record that, it sounds hilarious...My cats arn't allowed outside unless on a leash and when they see my truck they freak out...(think Vet...) You have to send that in to maybe americas funniest animals or something!!
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Yeah! But if I had someone to tape it,she probably wouldn't do it! Our other two cats won't get near it,but they sit on the porch and watch her ride. Good thing I live out in the sticks!
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This sounds incredibly dangerous to me. Although it is very cute, there's always the possibility she could lose her footing and fall under a tire with devastating results. I know you love Boogie so much and wouldn't want anything harmful to happen to your little girl!
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Just FYI, as I know Taterbug, this cat is very much into this! Taterbug drives veeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrry slowly. She loves her cats very much and would never do anything to endanger them. I know it sounds dangerous, but this cat really holds on!! I swear it. Its the weirdest thing. I guess you'd just have to see it. I'd almost worry more about running her over by not letting her jump up there--its either slow down and let her get up or just completely stop.
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Oh wow...what a cool kitty!! She's probably showing off for any other kitties in the neighborhood...LOL!! I can just see it...
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