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Car sick kitties

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My husband and I travel quite a bit and don't like to leave our kitties at home b/c one of them had a severe problem with crystals (his bladder ruptured, had a have a P.U. -- but he is much better now 1 year post surgeries). So, our vet suggested we sedate them when we travel b/c they get car sick within five minutes of traveling. Do you have any other ideas other than sedation? They are 9 years old and I worry about the affect it has on their little bodies.
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Discuss with your vet ... there are herbal relaxers
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Tibby was notoriously bad at travelling! I now starve him for a couple of hours before travelling and give him a herbal ginger travel tablet.

I've also made numerous practice journeys, building up the time and distance with each journey and *touch wood* he has improved amazingly! (I also took a different route each time, so he would get used to different motions in the car!)

He never even used to manage getting down to the end of the street, but he can now travel almost 48 miles without a problem! (only had a slight bit of sick at the end of the journey, which is a vast improvement to initial travelling experiences!)
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I agree with the advice above, I also found with mine that they didn't get car sick if I could give them a clear view outside of the car (i.e. if they were down behind the seat they would get sick). I also try and take the route with the least amount of turns. Hope you figure something out (i'm not big on the idea of completely sedating the cat though...seems a bit extreme and possible dangerous if done on a regular basis)
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Oh yes, you reminded me!

Drive at a slow steady pace and don't make too many turns ie when on the motorway, stay in the slow lane and overtake only if it's necessary! It can be a slow and long journey, but at least it's calm and travel sick free!
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