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yeah it's interesting all right and freaking me out.. my poor cat needs to stops being so sickyl arg. well shes getting spayed as a type so yeah i have that to worry over to but anyways...

before: my cat has had to recent litters. her nipples got swollen fter this litter and she was bred to a black cat

Wed night. i go to get my cat and ut her to bed form the basement. i find her and my other cat. who happens to be black like her mate... they aren't the best of friends lets just say but the at was trying to find hadh er but in the air and her front evnd was kind of like lying down. her back feet would not stop moving and she looked like she was trying ot walk with her back half but aly down with her front have. i was terrified but oncei picked her up genyly and placed her in her room she was fine and went on eating and drinkign and sleepign and stuff like normal

Yesterday: well i found my cat doing hte same thing she did last night only for longer periods of time and more often. and even when i picked her up and moved her, once i put her back down, she'd contiue to do this strange thing. but once she stopepd by choice she seemded fine... she did it in front of my gre cat and away form her... it's beginnign to worry be

the suggestions: well my hubby suggested that maybe she was trying to somehow seduce my other cats but i find that unlikely cause my others cats are girls but you never know...and one of my friends suggested that maybe she was trying to rub her nippls to release pressure form them since they were swollen...
i find that more likly sicne she was kinda rubbing her belly but still...

do you have any suggestions? i hope so....
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Has she been spayed (neutered)? She may be 'in heat', which means first chance she gets to be with an unneutered male cat, she'll get pregnant. Is that what you want? If she isn't neutered herself, she will become a raging nuisance at home, howling and writhing and begging to go out every month. I seriously suggest you get her to the vet asap.
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lol as i said before shes getting spayed rightn ow. spayign is for girls kittes, nutering is onyl for males..so she's at a vets office. all my herself i'm SO nervous but she's okay the vet said...

i don't belive she was in heat becuase her last litter was just weaned and given away....
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The second the kitties are weaned she can go into heat, and the behavior you are describing sounds exactly like she was in heat. In fact, it is almost textbook female cat in heat behavior. Especially as you've let her have two litters basically in a row, she would ovulate right away again and be in heat.

As you are getting her spayed, the behavior will be resolved. If you ever happen to see this behavior again, she may have had a piece of her uterus or something left in and will need to be spayed again, but this is very very unlikely.

In fact, some people do call the operation for both sexes neutering, and as we don't know each others backgrounds, I think Larke was only trying to make sure he was clear in what he meant.
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She was definately in heat. Cats can go into heat and get pregnant again really quickley after the first litter is born.
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She was definitely in heat.
She definitely was in heat!

i don't belive she was in heat becuase her last litter was just weaned and given away....
The vet said that? He is wrong, if that is the case.

Cats can go into heat days after they deliver a litter and do not have to be weaned before they can become pregant again.

I am glad to hear she is being spayed. Good for you! (and she will be fine, relax) It's a good idea to have all mixed breed cats neutered/spayed. The health benefits alone, are numerous.
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It's a good idea to have all cats spayed / neutered regardless of breed.
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Originally Posted by Zissou'sMom
It's a good idea to have all cats spayed / neutered regardless of breed.
That is true. The only exception, IMO, is pedigreed cats who are owned by professional breeders. (sorry I wasn't more clear)
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I know. Just for the record, though, in case you didn't come back!
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Sounds like your baby is in heat. When a kitty's in heat, they don't care whether or not the other kitties are male, female, fixed, not fixed, etc. They see another cat, and they do the "walk"...that front half down, back half up in the air, moving the back legs, tail to the side, etc.

It sounded like you're taking her in to get her spayed. Did I read that right? I hope so...like others mentioned, unless you're planning on breeding her, I would get her fixed. It's so hard on them to go into heat time after time. It's even harder if they have litter after litter. But...sounds like you're taking her in to get her spayed...so good.
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yep she's been spayed i go to pcik ehr up today thank goodness...! but okay thanks for your help sounds likes she was in heat!
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Glad to hear she's spayed now.

Thanks for letting us know!
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