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I am curious where your cats sleep at night?

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I have only had my two cats since december. They sleep in my bathroom. Its not tiny. Its 12 x 12 with a cat tree and all that jazz. My friend said its cruel to keep them in there at night. They never cry and they are out through the rest of the house all day. My husband is a very light sleeper and he would hear them playing. I cant sleep with my pets and they would want to crawl up on the bed. Where do YOUR cats sleep at night?
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Like the 500 pound gorilla - anywhere they want!

But Topaz sleeps with Mom and Ari rotates between the foot of Mom's bed, my bed, and any of the chairs in the house.
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mine will go to bed with cheyenne at 9 then whenever i decide i need to go to bed they will both join me about 5 min after i lay down
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Java usually sleeps on the bed, & sometimes Pixel does, too. Chip has been sleeping in the cat napper in the bedroom window, & Cable seems to prefer sleeping in the den all alone it doesn't sound as if yours are unhappy - believe me, you'd hear about it if they were!
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If they don't mind being in the bathroom, then it's probably fine!
Zissou sleeps with me, in my armpit or by my feet, with my roomie occasionally, in her little hammock bed, on the windowsill, on my chair, or wherever else she feels like. Sometimes in my bathroom sink, or on the rug by the toilet.So basically wherever she wants, but she most often sleeps with me. If I am late coming home or fall asleep on the couch or something, she's usually waiting for me on my bed!
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Harley used to sleep with me constantly - but now he rotates from sleeping in the bedroom with me, to the couch, the chair, the bathtub ( )....yup, pretty much whever he wants to!

Usually by morning he ends up sleeping with me
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Emmie is ALWAYS with me. I have no idea where the rest of them sleep.
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My 7 sleep in the cat room, they are far too active at night to sleep in the bedroom
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i shrank this pic down to 25% of its size and it still comes out HUGE...anyone know how to fix it??? it looked tiny when i put it on the profile...
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mine know when the tv goes off, its time for bed, and they sleep on my feet or next to my feet on the bed all night.
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Zakk sleeps in a cat bed on a nighstand, Rocky usually sleeps towards the foot of the bed. I don't know where cookie and Suzie sleep. Cookie usually greets me in the morning and I know that they are sometimes in my bed at night b/c I can feel little feet on me. Rocky also likes to catch naps on the top of the sofa while I watch TV.
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Around my neck
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During the day, they all can be found sleeping in various cat beds throughout the house. Or on couches or chairs, or our bed.

At night:
Zoe sleeps in my sons room, at the foot of his bed.
Shenzi and Freckles cuddle on the small wicker chest at the foot of our bed
Jack sleeps in the wire basket on the dining room table
Fluffy sleep on the back of our leather couch
Figaro sleeps as close to my face as I will allow and sometimes under the covers with me.
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At night Elsa sleeps on my feet, Tigger sleeps on some horizontal surface in the bedroom until first light then makes circuits around the waterbed (and across our faces), and I'm really not sure where Nadette sleeps. If we "bring" her to bed she sometimes stays. Otherwise I think she sleeps on the doormat or just on the floor of our room. She's an odd one.
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One cat (Aries) Likes to sleep on my head, which can sometimes be annoying. Caesar, my ragdoll, on my pillow. Cleo under the blankets with me, Scooby between my legs, the rest of the gang..(9 all together) various other places sometimes on the bed. How do I sleep? Very carefully...(although the most at the same time on the bed was 7!!) and they only sleep with me, when my husband is gone on business trips. when he is there, it is only 3 of them..
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Sierra and Serenity sleep on or right next to me. They take turns who sleeps where, but one or the other is usually on my head, up against my stomach or on my hip if I'm on my side, or on my chest if I'm on my back. I'd never sleep a wink without my precious babies keeping me safe and snuggled up!
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I don't think mine sleep anywhere at night. They're too busy racing around the house.
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Originally Posted by Cearbhaill
I don't think mine sleep anywhere at night. They're too busy racing around the house.
I'm with you! Lilly is *crazy* at night!

If she starts pawing at the window blinds & making a big racket, then she goes in her carrier out in the other room. I can't just close her out of the bedroom b/c then she picks out individual pieces of carpet around the door frame.

She really likes it in there, and she's fine until morning. She definitely will let me know if she thinks it's time to get out before I do.
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I knew a cat who'd dig a hole in the wooden floor trying to get in the bedroom if you tried to lock him out!
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Skittles use to sleep under the bed o and stay under the bed all day . I only saw her when she pottied. The last few days she sleeps in my lap, neck, feet, on my back, on my son, headboard couch window cell. Where I am she is.
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I have a king size bed and the cats snuggle so close that it feels like a mummy sleeping bag. Thankfully I'm a very sound sleeper.
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All over the house.
But, if you're wanting to know if you're being a bad owner by locking them in a (rather large) bathroom at night? No way.
It sounds as though their every need has been seen to, and judging by what you say their reactions are, they are not at all unhappy about the arrangement.

Sounds like everyone in your home is happy about the sleeping arrangement.
Tell your friend to take a flying leap, your cats are healthy, and happy and
they're your cats, they'll sleep where you see fit.
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I have learned so much from this site since I got my cats. I was feeling pretty guilty...now i'm not. Thanks everyone. I have found cats and *their people* are pretty unique!
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Deja Vu has always liked to sleep on the top of the recliner (not the seat, the top of the back part). The new guy seems to sleep at night under the bed, but any other cat naps are near me, wherever I am.

Rocky, lately, has taken to sleeping inside the pillow case that's on the pillow I leave on the bed just for them. He's so cute in there. If he wakes up and wants attention, he will stick out one paw or just his cute little nose and cheeks. All i have to do is pick up the edge of the pillowcase and he will run right in, and be asleep in moments. He's so cute. He's there right now, as a matter of fact (I use my puter while I'm on my futon, where I also sleep).
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Even though Smidge is allowed to come in my room at night...I kept catching her on the couch. So now, at bedtime, I put her favorite fleece throw on the couch in her spot. When she sees it she immediately jumps into and curls up.

She usually comes into my room sometime in the morning; sometimes it's 5:00am, other times, moments before my alarm. Once time she was late - the alarm went off and I heard her tear off the couch and jump on me. She believes it is her job to wake me up in the morning

She always naps with me though; I wouldnt mind her sleeping with me all night, but not happening for now (I'm a kicker, that might have something to do with it).
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Right now, our 2 cats sleep with my son in his room. But when we move they may wind up sleeping in the finished basement at nite or when we can't supervise. The 15 yr old would be ok to leave totally free; but we don't trust Ling that much - she gets in enough trouble sometimes when we do supervise
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Fosters are kept in their room until I know they all get on (or at least tolerate each other enough not to fight while I am asleep).
Ginger rarely sleeps upstairs, in fact he only comes upstairs to pinch food!!
Pebbles, Tom and Molly generally sleep on my bed - Tom normally down near my legs, Pebbles either at the bottom of the spare half, the spare pillow (which is hers) or under the covers with me. Molly also likes to sleep under the covers, but if I am fidgeting too much she will lie between my stomach and knees. She isn't always on the bed when I wake up though, she also likes to sleep under the computer desk. Woke up the other morning to find Tom on me, and PEbbles and Molly under the duvet, one on each side.
I tried to have a nap on the sofa the other day, and had Tom on my legs, Pebbles on my shoulder, and Molly with her bum on the sofa and her legs draped across my neck (she loves lying on my neck!!).
I love my cats sleeping on the bed, although Molly does tend to have a mad 10 mins chasing her tail - it is so comical that I don't mind being woken up though!!
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Phenom has to sleep between Lee and I at night. If she isn't physically touches both of us at the same time then she won't sleep for long. Silly girl!
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He has developed a new habit...my husband gets up before i do. He lets the cats out. Remy will sit on the bed with his face inches from mine...he will stay that way till i open my eyes...then he immediately goes about his business. His momma, mitzee sits on the floor and observes. Its really quite funny
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Max sleep on or near my head and Liz sleep on the corner of the bed. If I ever attempt to keep them out of the bedroom, they let me know of their displeasure. If your cats have access to litter, food and water, they are fine in your bathroom.
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