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snowy and tabby joined up

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hi all

im matt

i have 2 lovly kittens soon to be adults in july

snowy (male) tabby (female)

they are so lovly i do plan to upload a pic of them soon as poss.

bought them a bubble play gun pull trigger and gives of bubbles but they not jumping for them yet .

and also today got them a water fountain that keeps the water clean for them to enjoy. tabby drinks the water but snowy keeps flicking it all over the place.

so i can meet some good cat lovers in here.

nice site.


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Hi, Matt. Glad to have ya here. Hope you enjoy this site. I surely do. I've only been here almost a month and I'm hooked!! Its addictive--beware!!
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hey ty Taurus

sure do love the site.


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Matt, Welcome to TCS Hope you enjoy it here there's lots of Wonderful Cat owners oopps I should say Cat slaves I myself have 8 all together 5 girles, Cammie, Sissy, Ziggy, Zazzy, Zinger, and the boys are Dunking, Miniman and Micky most of my babies are ones I rescued, Can't wait to see your Furbabies,,See you on the forums there's lots of great inmformation here also
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Hi Matt! and Hi to Snowy and Tabby! I have a boy and a girl too, arn't they just lovely!
Cant wait to see pictures.
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Welcome Matt! If I can help you with posting pictures, etc., please send me a private message and I will try my best to help
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Hello Matt and welcome to The Cat Site

We are glad you found us

You'll love it here

ps. and you'll be adicted in no time!

looking forward to seeing pics of Snowy & Tabby

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hi all thanx for nice welcomes

i hope to upload our pics very soon

watch this space.


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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!
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HI and welcome,

I was new here a month ago and have been addicted from day one. All the members are sooooo helpful and nice. I can't wait to meet your cute kittys.
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Hello and welcome to you and you kitties. You will have lots of fun here.
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Hi there Matt we're so happy to welcome you Snowy and Tabby to TCS. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay with us - we're one great big family and you'll find loads of friends here. If I can help at all while you're finding your way around TCS just click on my username and send me a Personal Message - I'll do what I can to answer your questions

Two little ones like that around must keep you on your toes
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hi fliss yea they sure do. but when they sleep its a phewwwww lol

should be loading up pics real soon,. just finding the time to do it.

tc all

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Welcome welcome welcome!!
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