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Helloooo, spring!

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It's finally here! Where I am in CT, the skies are blue, the robins & other birds are chirping, it's almost 70 degrees (F), it's so sunny, the trees are budding,.. And well I'm just so happy!!!!! It's beautiful out. The cats are loving it, they've been outside almost all day - as have I!

I don't mean to make anyone jealous though. I wish I could send a piece of spring to anyone who needs it!! I hope that spring comes soon too to anyone who's still stuck in the winter doldrums

Who else is having great weather like this already??
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66 and sunny here. Loving every minute of it being stuck at work.
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It's nearing 70 here in Chicago too... I had to get out and walk around the Loop (downtown, for those who don't live here) this morning... now i have three of my four windows wide open. Unfortunately, the one closed window has a huge gap in the screen where it's pulled away from its frame. I've asked the management about fixing it... d*** fools... since I'm only renting and someone has *supposedly* purchased my unit, I have to wait for them to find out who he is (the whole condo conversion is just happening), call him, ask him if he'll okay the repairs, then find out who can/should do the repairs... the window in question is JJ and Jack's favorite window to sit in... I refuse to open the window while the screen is bad. I'm on the 7th floor. But I am being cautious.

Despite all of that, I am enjoying the gorgeous weather we're having here...

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Gorgeous here today too! I took a mile walk at lunch!
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Its 64 here but clouding up as rain is forecast. I did work outside this morning on cleaning up a couple of my garden though!!
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It has been nice the last few days, but today its been icky and rainy, right now its actually really dark and gloomy - oh well, its supposed to be nice tomorrow anyways

I think Spring has finally sprung!
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Originally Posted by babyharley
...but today its been icky and rainy, right now its actually really dark and gloomy...
April showers bring May flowers, right?

(not quite April yet but hey.. whatever)
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Yes indeedy, spring fever is here. Finally!!! It's supposed to be nicer tommorow, but the temp will drop a few degrees over the weekend. I have tulips in my front garden- they appeared on sunday. I was surprised! (I just bought the house last summer and didn't know they were there!)
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I love that the warm weather is here!! I cleaned out my closet and drawers tonight and realized I only have 4 pairs of shorts! I need to start shopping!! I love trading over my seasonal clothes b/c I forget about what I have and its like Christmas all over again--well, except in this case, where I have nothing. It felt like Christmas when winter came and I had tons of warm clothes.

Retail therapy, as you all call it...just what the "doctor" ordered!!!!
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Spring has been in the air all week and I mean literally! Every morning this week on my way to the bus stop the air has stunk like skunk! We live near a ravine and the skunks are out in force. Other then that, I love spring!
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