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Know someone with a celebrity name?

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Do you (or someone you know) share the same name as a celebrity?

Bradley's full name is John Bradley Stewart....lucky me, I'm going to be Mrs. John Stewart! Good thing I'm a big fan .
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I know about a thousand Will Smiths.
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Yup, my cousin (on the other side of the family) has an uncle named Steve Martin!

One of my friends has a dad who's name is Randy Johnson (he's a baseball player I do believe)
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My Dad's name is Don Johnson.
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Most of you young folks won't remember him, but my former neighbour was named Tyrone Power.
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I know an Eddie Murphy
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I know a Steve Martin, and I work with a Jim Croce!
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Originally Posted by Spares
I work with a Jim Croce!
Now there's a random one!
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I used to have a customer named Michael Jackson.
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I know a Jim Stewart, a Kim Novak, and a John Carter.
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My mom's maiden name was Billie Idle. Like, Billy Idol. She was first!
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One of my former bosses was Randy Johnson - and he was really into baseball too. When I was working there, one of the appraisers got a call from a woman named Sharon Tate. Seriously, I would change my name!
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I've met a Jack Daniels, Gene Kelly, and have heard of another Paul Mitchell.
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I have a sister-in-law named Patricia Neal.
A deputy Sheriff named Steve Martin lives down the street from us.
Back home I knew a Don Johnson and a Malcom Forbes.
I knew a Danny Glover in the Air Force.
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I was engaged (many, many years ago) to a guy named Paul Newman. He went to school with a Steve Martin and a David Gilmour!
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We had a girl in a class named Jennifer Garner, and I know a Mike Jones (he's a rapper) But I'm known Mike for years
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Oh, just thought of another one. One of the tellers in my bank is named Katie Holmes.
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I knew someone named Jodie Foster, a John Paul II, and enough Jennifer Lopez's to fill a small island.
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The service writer at the dealership where I took my car to be fixed is Michael Jackson and I have a customer whose name is Elizabeth Taylor---Hmmmmm----I wonder if they are friends, too LOL!!
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OK, does ANYONE else out there know someone named Steve Martin?
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