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Me, my cat and diabetic(long)

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This post was inspired by davidjmedlock’s cytauz thread, I just want to share what I learn over the years about cat and diabetic. I will tried to make it short and sweet.

I have 2 cats, I call them grey cat and white cat. Grey is a big dominant male peak at ~~ 18lb, White is also a big male but with girly personality he is pure white with blue eyes(deaf). They’re both 11yrs.

Approx 4yrs ago Grey diagnosed with diabetic, we’re shock. Vet told us not to be too worry because we discover it in the very early stage, she suggest switching to kitty food. *Bad idea*

About a year later his weight went down from 18 to 16lb and was drinking/eating a lot, we consult the vet during the period and she claim is normal and nothing to worry about just keep giving kitty food. *and other bad idea, should have switch vet*

I am always a fan of pro plan and is feeding grey pro plan kitty food, I heard nitro is a very good brand so I picked up a bag and mix in a little bit of nitro into the pro plan *bad idea, I am not trying to blaming nitro but it seen like they’re one of the problem*. Few days later I back home from work and Grey seen very ill, my vet is fully booked and she as me to go emergency, I go crazy and simply pickup my cat and drove to one of the vet I drove by everyday. Thanks God he is free, he said he is dehydrated and can’t pee and if I wait till the morning he will likely won’t make it, the vet give him some fluid and suggest me to bring him to emergency for over night service and bring him back it the morning.

I feel so sad over the night because he is my best buddy and I promised him I will get him a house to run around(condo life at that time) before he life end(I finally fulfill my promise as I bought a house and will be moving in mid May).

Grey makes it and began the long and painful journey of fighting diabetic(expensive I might add). Over the next 18mo we did regular blood work 8 times trying to find the right amount of insulin(from 2units to 5 units to 3units twice a day…etc), visited emergency once due to blood in pee, visited specialist one due to crystal build up in bladder and hospitalize for 4 days. At one point grey lost almost all his strength on the back leg and can barely walk, the grey fur turn into brown due to lag of nutrition, pee all over the place due because he can’t really control it.

The turning point is when I meet this lovely girl(special thx to Patty), she is studying nutritionist. She did a lot of research for me and suggest me to try the following *I am at the point that I will try anything to make the condition better* Mix dandelion(for kidney), flash alfafa and flash water crest into the diet. Condition is clearly better, show both from blood test and day to day life. He regain his leg back over time and do not have any pee/bladder related problem every since. At the same time I notice that he feel a bit zzz after insulin so I make the call and reduce the amount of insulin ever since.

Now I also add vitamin C *condition improve a lot after giving a bit vitamin C* and milk thistle in the his diet. Now he is able to jump 3ft high and the insulin reduce from 4units 2x a day to 3.5units once, I make the call without letting the vet know and I still do blood work 3x a year *I know I shouldn't make the call but I don’t know what should I tell the vet*. The only problem left is the gingivitis which I am working hard on it.

The most important thing about taking care a diabetic cat is to keep very close eye on the bladder, if you can feel it put him into the letter box. Also keep monitoring how much water they’re drinking, the less the better.
As to prevent it, don’t let you cat over weight. Fat cat maybe cute but will cost you direly down the road.
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Wow! Thanks for the story. I don't think any of our cats ar diabetics, but good to know just in case!

I noticed in this forum lately that there have been a lot of cases of diabetic cats? Is this a sudden occurance? I wonder what could cause diabetes in a cat.
I know, I know...I'll google it!
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