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digging in the rubbish bin!(among other things)

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Help! I can't stop my kitten from digging in the rubbish bin or knocking over everything in the bathroom.
He's got plenty of food - I always keep dried biscuits for him and fresh water in the kitchen and plenty of toys, a scratching post ...but for some reason he doesn't like playing with anything except that which is in the bathroom (contact lens cases, toothbrushes.....and digging in the bin at night (even when there's nothing in it!) when we're sleeping!
I've tried spraying him with water but he would stop temporarily and then start when we're nmot around or if our backs are turned!

And another question, is it normal for kittens to bite so much?
Sometimes when I play with him, he likes to bite my arm/fingers/toes....or in the morning I usually get my toes chewed on as a wake up call at 7am...(not that i'm complaining about THAT)..but, is there any way to get him to bite me less? (it IS starting to hurt a little as he's getting more teeth)

Thanks for any help!
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You don't give an age on your kitten, but he is just being a kitten and getting into everything. The best solution for what is going on, is to get a second kitten for him to interact with. If that is not feasible, and no one will fault you if it isn't, then there are a couple of things you can try.

Buy a few cans of lemon scented air freshener and spray your trash bins each day inside and out. Cats really dislike citrus smelling anything. Find an alternate place to put the trash like inside of a cupboard of closet or something. Make sure that you rinse off your cans, and papers that have food smells on them before you throw them away.

When little kitties bite, they are either teething or playing or learning to defend themselves. If you are doing *games" like blanket wars (where you put your hand under the blanket, move it back and forth till kitty attacks) I suggest you stop doing that. Kitties are not dumb, they know that a hand went under there and "tried" to get them, so they start looking at the hand and fingers as predator, instead of protector. Also, many kitties do not like having their bellies rubbed vigourously and will start to attack you when you are sitting down to say "Stop doing that!" Instead, try stroking under the chin, on the head, scritch the back by the base of the tail, but leave the belly alone for awhile till kitty is grown. Also, when my kitties start biting, I have a small beanie baby tiger that I put in front of them to distract them. Tig has served me well, and so far has only lost his one eye and part of his nose.

Aren't kitties fun???!!!
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My cat, Xavier LOVES to get into things. He likes to go through your pocketbook, the trash, shopping bags, boxes and is very attracted to you when you first walk in the door. He has done this ever since he was a kitten and he'll be 2 in July so he's still just as curious as ever. His curiousity isn't really a problem and honestly I find it cute but when he starts to pull q-tips out of the trash I shoo him away and shut the bathroom door.
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*lol* he's almost six months old -will be on the 16th of this month!

i think he's teething, because lately he's been biting on alot more things than my fingers. the rubbish bin digging has appeared to become less frequent -thanks for the advice!

i've attached a picture of the darling
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What an adorable kitten!

My little boy went through the horrible teething phase, too. He chewed on everything, had upset tummies (vomit), and cried a lot. Just like a human baby with bad teething. I let him chew my fingers most of the time, but as those little teeth came in - OUCH! He liked chewing on drinking straws a lot during this time, too. Maybe you could bring a few home and let him go at it. Someone here said that McDonalds straws work the best! Straws are still one of Trent's favorite toys - he likes batting them around now instead of chewing on them.
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