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my cat is pacing and meowy

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Hi, I have a big orange tabby named Borris who is the worlds greatest cat. That being said he is very old, estimated to be around 18 (I got him as a strayten years ago.) When I first got him he weighed about 20 lbs. He stayed that weight until about 2001 when he started losing more weight over the years, now he's 12 pounds and has been since '01. Last year the vet said he had fairly significant heart disease but because he's so "mature" I should just let him live out his days...although she didn't say how long that may be.

As the months progress he gets slower but he's still the same old Borris...until last week anyway when we came home from work and he was just meowing non stop and pacing around. If he's up he's pacing and meowing, almost catterwalling if you know what I mean. He doesn't seem to be in pain for when I pick him up he happy and purring, but as soon as I put him down he's moewing and nervous. His bowel movements and eating habits are normal but he's not right. I think he's at the end of his days but am terrified of putting him down I love him so much. But for me it's quality of life not quantity, I do not want to prolong his life just for my sake. Do you have any ideas of why he is pacing and nervous? Do you think it's possible he's had a stroke? Senility? (he gets confused now) I think I may have to put him down and it breaks my heart.

Any ideas?
Thanks for any thoughts you may have.
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Well first take him to the vet. He may just have something strange wrong with him that they can fix easily. Maybe he can be your darling Boris for a little while longer. It would be nice to have some answers either way.
If it is time, you'll know. He probably won't eat anymore and will just sleep all day. Just like people do when its time to go.
We'll be thinking of you!
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I agree with taking him to the vet. Ask the vet to draw a senior blood panel on him. As cats age they can develop different illnesses that can be easily treated through medication and diet. My Molly had problems with her thyroid and would "howl".

Good Luck and let us know how you make out.

Welcome to TCS
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I would take him to the vet. It's possible that he is experiencing some dementia and is having an episode of disorientation. Your vet will be able to help you figure this out and determine appropriate treatment. Dementia is often episodic and he may have a spell one day and then be fine for quite a while afterward.
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