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Would you have done the same thing this guy did?

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Would you have returned the purse with it containing so much. I mean it was a million dollars worth of stuff. Personally i think I would have returned it, but it would have been tempting....
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Yes I will admit it would of been tempting to keep, but it *wasnt* mine, is what I would tell myself. I would want/hope that if something like that ever happened to me, I would also get it returned, with everything still inside. I praise the honest man that turned it to the police.
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I'd have to turn it in........couldn't live with myself if I didn't.
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I definately would have given it back. If it were my purse, I would want someone else to do the same thing for me!

I'd feel so guilty if I kept anything from it, plus - if someone ever found out that I kept it, I can only imagine what would happen, I really don't think I'd want to go to jail or get in some major trouble over keeping it!
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The guy did the right and admirable thing. Karma's a b.
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I would return it, because if the same thing happened to me I would want the same kindness...

Now there was one time I went to an atm machine and there was a twenty dollar bill in the slot....I took it because there wasn't a sure owner and if I had given it to the gas station attendant...they prob would of pocketed it....
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On one hand you have got to think "what a stupid couple - they deserve to lose their things". On the other hand I can understand that if you were about to fly out, you wouldn't want these valuables in your check in luggage in case the luggage got lost. I understand why they brought the things in the 1st place - they were there for their daughter's wedding - i would want my good jewellery too. Still, a million dollars worth of things I would not let that handbag out of my sight!
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I'm actually really surprised the amount of people I know that would have said take what was inside and leave it. A friend of mine found a purse with $100 and they took the money and left the purse. It goes against everything moral with me. Its not my money and wasn't intended for me. Now if I saw a $20 lying around the ground with no obvious owner I will take it. Anything higher than that...I might make an attempt to find the owner.
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Well i dont think anyone would be that careless with their purse,
I would probably only return the purse if they rewarded me
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I know I would. A few years ago I found someone's phone bill payment in cash ($100+), on the sidewalk in an open envelope. It was tempting but I sealed the envelope (which was already addressed and stamped) and stuck it in the mailbox instead.

If there's no real way to reunite something with its rightful owner (e.g. if it had been just a plain envelope with cash), then I'd say "finders, keepers". But if getting the money/goods back to their rightful owner is realistic, then that's what ought to be done.

Of course, the other point worth mentioning is, what kind of flake keeps $1 million worth of cash and jewels in a purse and doesn't guard it with his/her life? If it were me I'd probably have the thing duct taped to me or something like that!
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I would look for the person and return it when I found them, all items included.
I may lecture them though on how stupid it is to carry a million dollars worth of things around though.
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No matter how tempting...hello - does anything think they wouldn't miss a 12 carat diamond ring? Think that thing wouldn't be reported and then easily traced back to you if you kept it or sold it?

No question, even without the tracking idea, I would give something like that to the authorities. Someone was missing that purse a lot.

(Though I have to say the same thing - how could you let a purse with a million dollars worth of things in it out of sight?!?! I would be clutching that thing to my chest the whole time! LOL)
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I'd return it. It's not mine to keep. And I'm sure he'll be rewarded in some way down the line.

I'm not even snoopy enough to look in it. If I found that around here, I'd probably have assumed it was some girl's Louis VUitton knockoff purse and just...give it back.
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Never, never, never! I'd return that with everything intact no matter what! it's not mine and no matter what, it never would be. it's not my right to take it and spend it in that manner. If it was given to me, that'd be a different story, but since it wasn't, that guy is one of the few people I can honestly say I have a true respect for!
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Originally Posted by lionessrampant
I'm not even snoopy enough to look in it. If I found that around here, I'd probably have assumed it was some girl's Louis VUitton knockoff purse and just...give it back.
I'd look inside to try to find some ID so I could call the person myself. Not for a reward, but...well, I know I'm honest but I don't know that someone else would be.
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I would turn it in as well. I would seriously question a person who lets a bag out of their sight involving that kind of money.
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I would return it, but maybe if I were homeless or something I would be more tempted to keep it.
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I would have returned it....karma.....
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I would be disgusted if a friend of mine took the money out of a purse they'd found. If it's not yours, then your stealing, simple as that. It's really sad that the feeling these days seems to be that someone is stupid rather than honest for turning in lost wallets etc.
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What goes around comes around. Give it back, intact. I'd look for some ID first in the hope of giving it directly to the rightful owner, then pick my jaw up off the floor, and if there weren't ID, turn it in to the police.
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I would have looked to see if there was a driver’s licence or any identification, and would try to contact the owner of the purse. If failing that I would go to the police.

Who could live with them self if they kept it??
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