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Baby Squirrel Pics!!!

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My brother found 2 baby squirrels just about an hour ago in the supermarket parking lot where he works.
I've looked on line and would estimate their ages at about 6-7 weeks old.

We can't take them anywhere until tomorrow, because it's too late in the day to make it to the only center in the area who can take them.

My sister is out getting the stuff to make them some formula and some foods listed on an orphaned squirrel site that they might eat.

If anyone has any knowledge of baby squirrel care we could really use some suggestions. And vibes would be good.
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I'm so sorry, I can't give any advice, but I'm sending all kinds of vibes!! Poor babies!!
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Hi! My mom is a licensed wildlife rehabilitator and has raised dozens of orphaned squirrels. From her advice, the most important thing is to keep them warm. They are too young to generate significant body heat. If you have a heating pad put their container half on and half off the heating pad so they can move if they get too warm
If you feed them the best thing for them, from my mother's experience is Esbalac (sp?) or another puppy milk replacer. KMR and other kitten replacers are not good because they contain egg yolks which the little guys cannot digest yet. Be very careful in your feeding, and go very slowly. It is easy for them to asperate and this often leads to pneumonia.
As for bedding, paper towels are probably the best bet or facial tissues too. If you want to use cloth I would suggest Polar-type fleece. It is warm and does not have any threads to tangle them up.
That is all I can think of off the top of my head. (I am sorry but I am living in another state from my mom and she does not have email, otherwise I would have her write you directly.)
Best of luck!
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also depending on age u might have to help them go to the bathroom like u would a baby kitten or puppy
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I raised a Douglas Squirrel from pinkyhood many years ago. I kept him warm with a heating pad and bottle fed him kitten formula, which I had no problems with, every two hours round the clock. Good luck.
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Oh Diane, tons of good vibes being sent your way. Any chance of any pics?
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I'm sorry i haven't any advice either,

but i can send them some
{{{{prayers and vibes for the little babies}}}}

I do hope they will be ok
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One of my neighbors raised squirrels among other things (a whole bedroom was for squirrels, with a tree and carpetd walls). I squirrel-sat for her once. You will need to help them go potty just like kittens, as april suggested. I used a q-tip dipped in warm water to tickle their um...delicates... so they would go. And she kept a heat lamp on them with the blanket over them so they were warm but not too bright, in a huge aquarium (obviously w/o the water!) on the floor.
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Thanks for the vibes and advice everyone!
We have them in an old ferret cage that hasn't been used in over a year.
We put old t shirts in there and a stuffed dog which they love sleeping under!

They just had just a bit of forumla. One seems to be doing better than the other...will have to just try the pediolyte(sp?) on that one for a bit.

They are just so cute and soft! Will try to get pics before they go tomorrow.
Don't want to do it now, it will probably scare them.
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No advice for you, sorry but I'm sending many thoughts and prayers to you all. Good luck
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Oooh! Baby squirrles...I've had experience with them, before...we took care of three squirrels, all at different times, though. The first one we were able to find a home for through the vets, the second one died from dehydration the night we rescued him, and the 3rd lived, as far as I know, but we think a cat had gotten at him because his eye was bulging and he as pretty beat up.

*good vibes* I hope/pray everything goes well! They're so absolutely adorable, but especially when they're that young.
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Aww-baby squirells! My friend and I rescued a baby squirel many yrs ago and we decided she would keep it at her place and she was up with it around the clock for the few nights we had him, but sad to say he ended up dying But it was fun to have him while we did~he was so cute!! I will send love and good luck vibes to ya'all, and hope they can be raised until they are old enough to be put outdoors(if thats what u choose to do)
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Both of them ate really well with their last feeding!! Actually they didn't want to stop eating LOL!! But was careful they didn't overeat, don't want them to get bloated.
The smaller dropper is much better.

catloverin_ks, so sad about your baby squirrel
We plan to get these guys to a rehab center tomorrow, all goes well.
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Here's some pics of the babies!!

Gettting hungry


baby #1


Cleaning up


Getting sleepy
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Oh my, Diane! How precious are they!! I miss the ones around my Mum's, they are just so gorgeous!

How are they doing after their appointment today? Have you been yet?!
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AWWWWW!! WE had a baby squirrel named Lcky a few years ago. We were cutting down trees and he fell out and his mom abandoned him so we took car of him ntil he could take care of himself. What a couple cuties you have!
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How precious!! I wanna just love 'em up
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I LOVE squirrels! That's what my next tattoo might be.
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They are soooo adorable!
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They are adorable i wouldnt ever let go of them!!
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Aaawww, Diane, how absolutely precious! Wow, I sure wish I was there to snuggles these precious little babies!
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Diane, was it easy to pick them up? Were they afraid of you?
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All together now .... awwwwwwwwww What sweet little babies !
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When I was in either jr high or High school, dad rescued a flying squirrel and in the winter we kept in a cage in the house and would let it "glide" around the living room. It was really cool!!
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
Diane, was it easy to pick them up? Were they afraid of you?

When my brother picked them up in the parking lot, the weaker one was somewhat afraid but since then they don't mind being held.
When I go to put them back in the cage they start climbing back up my arm because they don't want to go back in!

But once they're in they settle down and snuggle under their blankie
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Well, the guys will be with us a bit longer. The rehab place's open hours isn't in sync with my niece or nephew's school/work schedules (they each could drive, I don't have a car).
Which is not a hardship for me, they're so cute!!!
But they will be better off once they get to a rehab center.

Thanks for the comments everyone!
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Aww they are too cute! It'll be hard parting with them.
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They are sooooooo cute
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Oh how cute are they!?! Thoes are some precious pictures!!!
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