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When someone calls you...

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Does anyone else get called names other than their real name n the phone. Like a customer calls and you say, "Good afternoon this is Brandi, How can I help you?" They say Hi Bridgette I need to see about ordering some staplers.

I get it all the time!!! they call me Bridgette, Cindy, Candy, Randy, Brittany, Bethany and I could go on!!
The worst part is there is another lady in my office with the name Bruni and they call me that all the time too!
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We have this one customer that calls in all the time and to him I'm Cindy, not Susie........I've corrected him twice and after that I figure, oh what the heck, it's a pretty name!
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Yes, I say - _______ this is Mackenzie - and then I get yes, Stephanie, this is so and so, is my car ready? Uhhh.... my name is not Stephanie!
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I'm Eve, Evette, Ave, Evie but never Evaaaaaaaa!
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I get it all the time, especially when I was working at the call centre. people have problems with my name (Adrienne) and I get things that are no where near my own!
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All the time. I mostly get Tara...but I'll get Tracy, Tammy, and Tina, too. (And some of these from people I've known for a while.)
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I've gotten mostly Johnny and a few times Benny instead of Jenney. I didn't think I had that deep of voice!
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I get Arleen a lot I'm sorry, but even by a serious stretch there's just no way Arlyn could be pronounced that way.

I also get called Jeremy by people who do not know us calling for him.
I just get indignant and ask them Do I sound like a Jeremy to you?
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My last name is a woman's first name, so I get called that a lot instead.
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I get called Cynthia all the time. And Im not a Cynthina just plain old Cindy. And when I correct them they will say yes but Cindy is just short for Cynthia. And I say yes it is but on my birth certificate it says CINDY. hello.. The the next time I see them they call me that again..
Today I called AlienWare Computers asking when will I get my $200.00 rebate that I have been waiting for since mid Dec. And the man kept calling me SIR . Gosh!
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I used to get called Karen by the people we ordered stationary from . My name is Amanda
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Yes, definitely happens to me. I get called Joan, Joanie, Jean, or Jeanie.
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I get all kinds of names! No-one understands my accent I guess. I don't know how they go from Wendy to Linda, but it happens all the time.
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Where I used to work I sometimes would get called by a co-workers name!!
Then of course my mom doesn't remember if she is calling me or my sis so she will call me Sharon!! I day no you called me instead of her!!
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Originally Posted by GailC
Where I used to work I sometimes would get called by a co-workers name!!
Then of course my mom doesn't remember if she is calling me or my sis so she will call me Sharon!! I day no you called me instead of her!!
Your mom sounds like my grandmother. We used to joke that her parrot was better at keeping our names straight than she was (she even used her pets' names for us at times)!
Aside from my husband, brother-in-law, nephew, and English-speaking friends and colleagues, nobody here can pronounce my name properly (how hard can "Tricia" or "Trish" be?), so I've gotten used to being called strange things. Opa, my husband's grandfather, used to call me "Penetenzia", and Erik (nephew) called me "Tantsetse" when he was little (his version of Tante [Aunt] Tricia). His sister still calls me that.
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I get Irene, Arleen, Ellen and Elaine (which is my mom's name).
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Just yesterday we were evaluating a person on our reception desk and I got a call...I was standing 5 feet away but she told them I wasn't there. Then when I got the message it was written to Leigh Ham. Yes Ham! It was on the in/out board right next to her too!

I also get Luane a lot..Ugh! Sorry to any Luane's out there, but that is most certainly not my name! I also get people who pronounce it like Leg-Ah-Ham. After the Leigh Ham incident I'm starting to think I must resemble a pig or something!?!
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I get called Sarah, Tara, Hannah(?) and all other sorts of names that resemble mine, but are far from it.
My name is Farrah. Telemarketers pronounce it: Fa-Rah, kinda like a cheer?! Or Farrar (there's no r at the end of my name, does the 'h' make an 'r' sound suddenly?) It also remids me of the chinese people in the movie "A Christmas Story", where they try to sing Deck the Halls, Fa-ra-ra-ra-ra, ra-ra....

It is unusual, but I get soooooooooo tired of ALWAYS having to say, Farrah--with an F like Frank. Might as well change my name to Frank to avoid the hassle. I used to say, Farrah--like Farrah Fawcett--until I started telling people too young to know who she is, which insulted me, because it makes me feel old .

I like having a unique name, though.
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My dad runs his own business from our house, so the office phone is the home phone. We get calls all of the time. I answered the phone this morning & Bucky says, "yeah wayne, how ya doin?". Ummmm...sorry, but this is his daughter Natalie. (pause) "Sorry sound just like your dad." Rub it in why don't ya?!?!

I had one guy call me Bertha once. How he got Bertha out of Natalie, I'll never know.....
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Sometimes I get called Tracy but thats because we sound alike on the phone.

I used to call the tech help of on of the software programs we use and say I was Tracy and then flirt with the tech.
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