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Kitten sick??

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Oh boy...
I'm VERY worried about my kittens right now.
As i was walking into the kitchen today i noticed a little red "blob" on the floor.
At first i thought it might be ketchup, but then i realized it looked too much like blood.

Its a little amount, and it has a bit of black in it.
Since its right near their litter box i checked inside to see if their stool was discolored/dark/runny.

None of it seemed to look any different than the regular mid-brown stool i see from them normally (not too light, not too dark).

this is what the blood looks like - (and for size comparison, thats a piee of a pine needle next to it, so you can see its not a lot...but the amount doesnt scared me as much as the fact that its their in the first place)


I cant tell if its been thrown up or defecated.

Besides that they seem perfectly healthy, they run around and play & chase each other, try to eat my foot when i wear socks & all the things kittens should be doing.

The only thing i did notice though, is that they started sneezing a bit when they got here (my friend said on the way here she had her windows down since one cat didnt like the ride and threw up a bit/pooped) and that they werent sneezing before. It isnt constant, once every hour to few hours. But my house is really dusty, so maybe thats the issue?

Also, one of them has a little bloody mark on his neck. I think he mightve gotten it while playing and got caught on a claw...but it hasent gone away since yesterday and it seems that he scratches it every now and then.

AND what should a kittne meow be like?
I forgot what its like to have kittens, so i'd just like to put my mind at ease.
Their meows seem to be a bit faint, but they ARE kittens, so it mgiht just be because theyre young?

I'm going to try to take them to a vet as soon as possible, but until then i just wanted to see if anyone might know what it might be...ugh.

I know i've only had them for two days but they mean the world to me. I'd hate for them to be ill
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I would take the kittens to the vet sooner rather than later because it could be anything?

Have they been checked over by a vet since you got them?, because thats the first thing that should be done really.
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I don't have a clue, but I would definitely take them to the vet and have it checked out- and don't forget your picture, if you don't have the original sample. If you do, I'd put it in a ziploc and take it with me to the vet (they are used to this ). Prayers and best wishes that everything is okay. Maybe someone else can help you more. How old are they?
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this is the scab on the boys neck


I also noticed one of the kittens "aknowledged" the blob in the kitchen. She smelled it a few times, then went to take care of some "business"... but her stool looked fine.

Anyway, heres a picture of them playing (hopefully the picture isnt too big)
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woah! replies already? thanks! hah

Yeah i'll try to take them to the vet very soon.
I have not taken them yet because i got them at about 12:40 AM wednesday night (or morning, however you look at it), i'll try to take them on friday or as early as i can on monday (unless vets are around on weekends over here).
Theyre also about 2 months old. Such a great addition to the family! And such a handful.

Now i just have to keep them from tracking their poop on my clothes after they use the litterbox!! ha
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If they seem healthy otherwise, they are probably okay. But definitely make an appointment with the vet just to be sure. They're probably due for their next round of vaccines very soon anyway.
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The thing on her neck does not look like a scratch from another kitten to me...It looks like a sore of some kind. A scratch would look just like it does on us, and you probably couldn't see it through her fur. Where it is would worry me... Take them to the vet soon, and let us know how it goes. Those kitties are sooo darling!
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Yeah the sore/rash seems to have gotten a bit bigger since yesterday.

and as far as the blood...we have had mice in the house recently...so maybe they got a hold of one of them? who knows, i'll post any info on here as soon as i find out.
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It may be an abcess (sp?). I would try to get to the vet Friday, as an abcess can may your cat quite sick (been there, done that-grumpy, sore, fever,etc. ). If you tell them your kitten has a sore, and about the blood, they should be able to squeeze you in.
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Oh that looks nasty Have you managed to get the appointment?.
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The neck sore looks infected. I would definatly get them both to the vet ASAP- the one with the sore will need treatment,and they both probably need shots etc... not to mention spayed and nuetered good luck, please update after the vet
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Any news on your kitten?
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