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Owner shoots cats, after attack on toddler

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OMG~has anyone else heard about this? This is just crazy.....shooting the cats? I mean come one.....
what do you all think? IMO they should of found a better way to handle the situation! Killing a cat because it hissed at them.....good lord
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OMG - how horrible! The former owners must be devestated - but why did they rehome the cats instead of the dog? Why do people tend to think less of cats then of dogs - that really irritates me!
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I can understanding wanting to protect your child, but THIS? PLEASE! Completely inappropriate and extremely tragic .
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Originally Posted by ugaimes
I can understanding wanting to protect your child, but THIS? PLEASE! Completely inappropriate and extremely tragic .
Exactly! First of all, the cat who attacked the child ran away and wasn't shot. They were not protecting the kid, IMO. They were either panicking or retaliating. Some people should not own guns. The cat who was shot was hissing and growling NOT attacking. I don't even know if I believe that. Maybe that part was made up because the cat was shot out of anger!
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The Alberta SPCA says there's no law that prevents owners from shooting their own animals provided it's done humanely.
All I have to say is ::censor::censor::censor::
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I think the authorities should question these peoples right to own a gun.

Anybody who can just pull a gun and fire on any animal out of anger or frustration especially in front of children needs their mental stability checked out.

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"The two felines were among five cats Dawson's family took into their Beaumont-area home south of Edmonton about two weeks ago after responding to an ad offering them free to a good home."

Also, just another reason to NEVER give cats away for free! They could end up with someone who shoots them! Obviously these people didn't know how to integrate the cats!
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this is just devestating
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Yea that was in the newspaper...I was so sad when I read it i almost cried. I felt like shooting those people....seriously tho....blood was gushing? From cat scratches? The cat MUST have had some reason to attack her in the first place....and they peobably got rid of the cats instead of the dog because they had the dog longer?
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This is so wrong on so many levels! Who but a cat lover would take on 5 cats? And then why would they shoot them? And I wonder if the kittie had shown behavior problems with the first often I hear of people wanting to get rid of an animal due to behavior problems. But I don't think they are always honest about their behavioral problems.

It is so rare for a cat to attack a child...I just don't know about this...very heartbreaking. I hope they will turn over the other cats to a shelter...and get therapy for the 16 month old baby. She must be traumatized. First the kitty jumps on her, then Grandma kicks it off! And someone pulls a gun and shoots another kitty...that kid is going to need serious therapy.
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the poor cat...who knows what spooked it. The head is very vascular it probably did gush, especially if stitches were required. I cant imagine anyone taking in five cats . It makes you wonder what happened at the previous owners, besides the dog not getting along with them. Maybe the dog terrorized the poor things.
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Thats awfull and sounds like it was done in a complete panick state, i have a toddler myself so can understand that you get upset when they get hurt but you would just put the cat in another room not let it run off then shoot another........
Our cat has scratched my toddlers head before but she sometimes sticks her head in the cats face like she wants to head-butt him so maybe this womans toddler was doing the same thing.Toddler's eh?! And the poor cat gets the blame........
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That idiot granma!! It was very likely that the shot cat was growling and hissing in response to the first cat's attack! And it didn't sound like the cat was attacking, but running around frantically, and clawed the toddler. That poor little girl! I wonder what set the cats off in the first place, but I guess that doesn't matter now...
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One cat attacks a toddler... and the other cat gets shot?!

That is NOT fair!!!
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Awww! Stuff like that makes me so sad!
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