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Do you answer surveys

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I got one in the mail ysterday about the new car. Man it took a good 30 minutes to complete!!! But I usally fill them out and return!!! Phone surveys I will also do too.
What about you???
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Sometimes. If I am bored or have the spare time I will. I have done the phone surveys before. They get on my nerves calling me at home to take 5 minutes to answer stupid questions like what brand of Toilet paper do you use?
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I never do surveys on the phone and rarely do them otherwise or name ends up on lists and them you are bombarded by things!

The only thing I will make sure I do this year is the census coming out in May.
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I do sometimes - if I have the time, I'll sit down and fill one out - if its worth it. If its about my new car, sure! I'll fill it out, but if something that doesn't grab my attention then I probly wont.

I don't get too many telemarketers so I don't ever have to worry about the phone survey's!
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Nah not usually, unless I am really bored...lol.
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I'm on the mailing preference list so i don't get them. When i used to get them though i still never because they wanted to know how much my yearly income was etc....

Mind your own!!!.
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My policy: if there is an incentive or cash reward then yes I will. Otherwise if someone comes up to me and asks to do a survey, or over the phone, I tell them that I do not answer surveys, personaly policy. It usually wastes more of my time than is necessary.

As far as the census bureau, I think the only things they NEED to know legally are how many people live in your household, and maybe what the household income is. Those long drawn out surveys they do nowadays that take like 3 hours are ridiculous, not to mention they come back every few months to follow up. No I won't answer those anymore.
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I can say I don't..........
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I am supposedly on the Do Not Call register, so I don't get any sales calls, but I still get the occasional "Survey" call. I just tell them I'm not interested and hang up. I'll do an online survey, but only if it is in regard to something I've purchased recently. Same with mail surveys. I will do the census in May.
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I must be odd woman out. I love doing surveys. I refuse to do them over the phone though. I just have a lot of junk mail that I throw away.
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I do online surveys. I'm a member of a few market research sites that offer rewards (points toward products or even cash...) for being willing to participate. I think they are pretty fun. (If anyone is interested in these type of sites, PM me...)
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