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Cleaning Question

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Daisy's kitteens are now 1 week old. I have not washed the blankets that they are laying on since after they were born. They were not born on the blankets they sleep on now. I have already washed the blankets they were born on. My question is, the blanket they sleep on now has a smell to it. Can I move the kittens to another blanket and wash the ones the are sleeping on now without any problems or is it better just to leave it alone until they get older. By the way, they are in my daughters room and it is starting to make the room smell.
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Yes you can wash it, Just put them on another one until it is ready....
I washed ours the second day, and they were just fine
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Definitely, wash the blanket. You should change the bedding every 2-3 days or so, or more frequently if it smells or is visibly soiled. Anything that has an odor can possibly be harboring bacteria that could possibly make the kittens sick.
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Its probably ok to wash it - especially if it has a strong smell. The kittens are probably wetting on it and mom didn't catch them in time.
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Thank you for your replies. I washed them this morning and just put them back into their box. The kittens are now very happy.
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You can always lay an old pillowcase in the nest while you wash the bedding material. Best is to have several different blankets for them, so you can keep trading them out.
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