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Bad hair day

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One of these days she is going to get plaited in!


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Wow!! How long is your hair??
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I don't know I haven't measured it, about a metre/yard I guess.

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That must be such a fun game!

Your hair is so long!!!
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wow it looks like you have such thick hair!
I cant have mine too long or else it looks yuckky
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Oh would my girls have fun with your hair!
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I am so envious! You hair is beautiful!
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mine used to play with my hair also, especially if i was bent over & the ponytail was hanging down! but i cut it off 2 weeks ago, so no more!
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom
Wow!! How long is your hair??
I measured my plait and it is just over a metre long 40inches.

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Cute pic. I wish I could wear my hair long!
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Cute picture! My hair isn't as long as yours, Dazee likes to think it is one of her toys sometimes too.
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