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Congratulations, Beth! That's quite an achievement!
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I'm so pleased for you!!
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Congratulations on your degree!
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Oh that is soooo fantastic! I am soooo happy for you! You deserve a big big party!
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Originally Posted by Adymarie
That is wonderful - it is always good to expand your mind!
I agree entirely

Tricia, Nicky, Christy and Leighann - thank you so much.

A party sounds good For now I think it will be a meal and a bottle or wine with hubby and daughter over the weekend
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Wow Beth, that's fantastic news!

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Linda and Kaleetha - thank you so much.

Linda - that kitty graphic is great, they all look so happy
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Fantastic achievement Beth.

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What a wonderful accomplishment!!, great work..you should be so proud of yourself!
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Congratulations. It has to be hard to work full time and still stufy for such an important degree. I really admire you.
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Thank you Lei, Tracey and Hope

I am so glad that I've done it and so glad that it's over . I've told hubby to remind me that if I ever contemplate doing anything else, that I swore this would be the last

Hmmmm until the next time
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