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Suspected Diabetes - vibes needed!

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Oh my God! I just returned from the vet for Carter's blood testing cause his gums were deteriorating again (he suffers from plasma cellular gingivitis/stomatitis along with a weak heart and fluid in his lungs and abs) and I was told his blood sugar was way over 400!

Unless all his teeth are removed he'll end up blind in a short time, breaking his bones all over the place, the vet said. We've had the teeth discussion since last fall and now that he is suspected to have diabetes as well I'm starting to freak out!
My bf says he doesn't want to torture Carter that much, neither by pulling his teeth out nor by having him blinded and besides this is costing us a fortune, if we're lucky the weekly visit costs only 7€, but most of the time it's almost a hundred and we're not exactly rolling on cash

On Tuesday we're due for the longterm blood results (fructosamine) and I really hope that's different from this morning, my SIL happened to give me a lift and she also was so sad to hear how the good old boy is doing.

I don't want to put him down even though his health is quite bad and agewise he's somewhere between 12 and 18 or thereabouts (he was an elderly stray by the time we took him in), but then delaying suffering...Right now I'm super confused and on the verge of tears

Anyone got experience with this kind of disgnosis?
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I'm sorry about Carter. I don't have any experience with this but I am sending your prayers and {{{{{Good Vibes}}}}} to Carter.
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I am so sorry you are going through this The fructosamine test will tell the vet your kitty's blood history for the past 2 weeks. Has Carter actually been tested for diabetes? Have you noticed him drinking and peeing more than usual? That's generally the first signs of diabetes

If Carter IS diabetic, it's not the end of the world - it's a hassle to manage initially but once you get into a rhythm it won't be so bad and healing vibes to Carter
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Sending tons of {{{{{{healthy get better vibes}}}}}}}. I'll be hoping for the best and keeping you and Carter in my thoughts
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Thank you everyone so much for your support!

By now I've started some reading to get an idea what this might be getting like and it still sounds creepy, but the first shock has worn off, thank God!

Yes, he has been drinking and peeing lots recently, that was my initial reason to take him to the vet.
We had put up a bucket of water to make our air a little more humid and he keeps drinking from it!
So when I heard on Thursday that his blood sugar was more than 400, my jaw just dropped.
Considering the alternatives, though, it seems like having his teeth extracted and giving him insulin shots is the better option - at least better than if he goes blind in a few months and then breaks his bones
I really hope this will end up well...
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A little update: We're going to pick him up from the vet tomorrow, he had to stay there for almost a week cause he got so bad.

On monday he vomited all day long , got so weak he'd just collapse on the floor so by 9 pm I called the vet's emergency number - rush over here in the morning was his answer - and after he brought up lots of gall and a live worm I was scared to death, he barely moved anymore, just a slight up and down of his tummy showed that he was still alive...that night I only slept 4 hours and by 7 jumped out of the bed and grabbed the phone !
At the vet's they gave him infusions and insulin (he had gotten ketoacidosis which made him so frail) and luckily both of that helped him so much that when we came to visit him on Friday he was already much much better
I'll have to give him insulin shots twice a day from now on (my bf can't stand even a droplet of blood)and no more treats outside feeding time ...but he is worth it!!!!
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