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Urgent kitty Q's !

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I have two Queens with kittens on the way....and I was wondering if it is important for me to have any food ready for the first few weeks....and if so what/when do I start feeding it?

ALSO : what if I am not awake during the births? Will everything be ok without me?
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You may want to keep some KMR on hand, "just in case" as for the delivery, things should go okay. Rarely does a cat have problems with delivery.
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ok thanks....it's just i keep reading about all the things that you might have to do like cut the umbilical cord with scissors....and I"m afraid that if this is needed, I might not be awake/at home !!!
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when would I have to use KMR?
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Pregnancy and birth are such natural processes, that they rarely require our intervention. With a healthy delivery and nursing process, kittens are fully sustained by their Mommy's milk in these early weeks. Your Queens should have a diet of quality kitten food during this important time.
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KMR is only necessary when, due to whatever circumstance, a kitten is unable to adequately nurse from her/his mother. Again, in a healthy pregnancy and delivery, this is not necessary.

This link http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=80724 provides you with excellent information regarding the delivery and may help ease your nerves by giving you more of a feeling of preparedness!
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It is also a good idea to be feeding the pregnant cat kitten formula food (constant access to dry and a can of wet per day- is what I did)...it has tons of nutrients that are beneficial to her. I also gave mixed in KMR with the canned food to give her an extra boost because she was a stray and a wee bit underfed when she showed up on my doorstep, hugely pregnant.

It's a good idea to continue to feed her like this while she is nursing. Those babies really take alot out of the mother.

As far as her delivering while you are sleeping...I wasn't even HOME when my cat delivered. They seem to know what to do, with or without you LOL.
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Thanks for the infr!
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No problem! Looks like you are going to have a very busy household in a few weeks! Please keep us updated on their progress!
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WOW I learned alot here also. My house is empty for the first time in years...I think I will enjoy the sound of new kittens.
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I was not awake when my kittens were born three weeks ago. This was Sarahs second litter. She delivered four kittens successfully without my help. She did not ever cry when she gave birth she was in the room with me the entire time. In the first litter she did not need my help either. I would only be very cautious if you have some type of new breed such as a Bengal or Savvanah. They are faily new breeds and traditionally have the most problems. I have siamese and they are all great moms.
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If she is I will make sure she is ok but I will keep my distance unless she need me and am sure she wil show me.
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