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What's worse than moving?

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Having your moving plans fall through at the last minute, that's what!!!

I could scream, but I doubt that would make it any better.

We were supposed to move this weekend. We're almost all packed up; everything but the computer, bed and cats are good to go. For the last 2 weeks, I've been playing phone tag with my soon-to-be landlord's daughter, who lives in the house currently, about setting up a time that I could start moving stuff over into the garage.

Finally got ahold of her and we agreed we could start bringing stuff over today. She and her sister are supposed to move out in 48 hours, and we'd move in the following day.

Got there with an SUV full of stuff, and lo and behold...they have not even begun to pack. The house is a disaster area. There is old furniture (which was not there 3 weeks ago when we looked at the place) tossed out in the backyard. The landlord's comment? "It will be there for a few months until we can get a place to store it." She has delusions that her daughters will be able to pack up the entire house and move it in 2 days. It would take an army of movers to accomplish this.

Ok, end of rant. we'll be staying in the mountains, land of dial-up internet and no cable TV, for at least one more month. All this trouble and we haven't even signed a lease yet! Who knows what would happen over the course of a year lease?

Back to the drawing board.....
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I'd let you come move into our rental place, but I don't think you want to move that far.. Sorry you are having a hard time. Some landlords are pretty stupid. Hope it works out.
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Originally Posted by jugen
I'd let you come move into our rental place, but I don't think you want to move that far.. Sorry you are having a hard time. Some landlords are pretty stupid. Hope it works out.
Aww...thank you. I am hoping our current landlord leaves us alone. So far, he's harassed us, but hasn't done anything legal to try to get us out, AFAIK.
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What a crappy situation you're in. I can't believe that your new LL would do such a stupid thing like that. Apparently they don't understand what they are missing.
My current renter has lived in our place for two months now. In this time, we've taken him to the ER And given him rides to work. How's he paid us back?? He hasn't!!! Not one dime! I finally put up notices of overdue rent on his doors because I tried to send him a letter certified mail and it came back that the house is vacant because he never takes the mail out of his box. Finally he calls us ( now mind you he lives next door to us and knows cell, work AND home numbers, not to mention he knows when we are home and gone) asking us to give him two eviction notices (OK!!! fine with me! YIPPIE!) so he can try to get the money from some welfare place!? ::censor::censor::censor:: If he can't he told Brad that he will "for sure" have all the rent for this month and nest month by the 10th of April!?
(now he JUST got paid today! where's THAT MONEY!!???) SO I told Brad that if he doesn't have the money on the 10th he's GONE, no more chances! I'm done! If he'd have called us BEFORE I posted the notices on his door, I might have been a little more forgiving, bur not now. I'm done and REALLY angry!
I'd LOVE to have you for a tenant! wanna move to IOWA?????
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LOL. After May, I can put in a request to work from home, so I could live anywhere. You never know.....
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I hate moving so much because of issues like this. Your story about the LL who thinks the daughters can just pack up and move a house of stuff reminds of when my husband's brother was looking for temporary storage for his stuff while he moved. We had just moved so I knew that everything swells to triple its size when moving and I knew that the 10x10 ft space he wanted wasn't going to be enough. He ended up going to a storage unit and filled something 3 times that size.
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Sue, it could be worse, imagine getting there and THEY ask YOU to help pack!

One roommate I had in college did that to her family. She got lazy and didn't pack and thing (meanwhile I was all packed) and her family came down while she was at work with images of having her stuff ready to leave when she got home. Nope...they were in a shocker of their life.

The previous tenants of the place we live in now weren't not fully moved out. They still had a huge couch and boxes of Christmas stuff in the basement. In fact they left the place a mess! There were random holes in the walls and a nice crack in the 3 year old oven window. Then a month later our basement got backed up with water in it (the water was mostly clean). When the guy pumped it out, I was told not to flush certain things. Then he asked why we flushed other things...turns out the previous tenants flushed condoms down the toilet!

The place has been exocised though by us
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OMG that's terrible! :shock:

We're darned good tenants. I don't know what our current LL's problem is...
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Just when I thought you were sorted with this new place.
Good luck with finding somewhere. I've still got my fingers crossed for you about the unexpected cheque!
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Way back in 1984 when we where renting a house the landlady gave us notice to move as her daughter was moving back to town and she wanted her to live in the house. We quickly found another place and were starting to pack. Then our landlady called and said we didn't have to move at this time. That is when we started looking for a house to buy. We had found one and were working on setting up the mrtge and our landlady calls again and tells us we have to move cause this time for sure her daughter is moving back to town. We told her that we going to be giving notice as we bought a house and could we have one more month? No we couldn't-so we moved all our stuff into in-laws garage-which I wasn't happy about as it was 50 miles away, DH lived with his parents for that month and I roomed with a co-worker and her husband Sun-Thurs and went to in-laws house for the weekends!!]
Then I had taken a week off of work and FIL wondered why I was making a couple trips a day (90 miles round trip) with the truck to move our stuff into our new house and wait until i had more help. I couldn't wait to have a permanent place!!!
Have you paid your new LL a deposit yet???
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Argh!! One of my pet peeves about my niece. Twice we helped her move and both times we had to pack stuff for her after being told she was ready! (Just wait'lll her daughter pulls this on her in 4 years!)

After seeing what the landlord has pulled, are you sure you want to live there?
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Originally Posted by gemlady
After seeing what the landlord has pulled, are you sure you want to live there?
I agree. Do you really want to deal with someone like that? I bet if they are doing something like this NOW, can you imagine what will happen in the future?
Well whatever happens, don't get stuck in a lease. You might be sorry down the road.
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It might be different because its family. Maybe she has tried to change the daughter, but just can't and doesn't want to serve her an eviction notice.

I think once you move in things will be better.
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We went over and picked up our stuff this AM and put a stop payment on the check, then came back home and Tybalt called the woman to tell her we we'd thought it over and decided not to rent her place.

She was upset, which is understandable. But then she said, "Well, since you have that many cats, you should be used to living in a mess."

That clinched it for me. I am so glad we're not moving in there if that's her attitude. I know I'm no candidate for House Beautiful magazine, but we are clean and keep our cats in a sanitary, healthy environment!!!!
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YIKES! the offer is still opened! come live here! I'd LOVE a decent renter for a change!
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LOL Barb, I told Tybalt about your offer. When I mentioned that in another month or so I will be eligible to apply to work from home, he said, "Hmm, it's something to think about." So, ya never know...
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Holy cow Sue! That whole thing is just unbelievable. And I can't believe her comment about living in a mess. Good lord - what would they have left you to live in?!?

I'm so sorry this whole thing is falling through.
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Thanks, Heidi. I'm just glad we found out NOW rather than after we'd signed a lease!
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Holy Crap Sue!! I'm glad to see that you are looking at this from the positive side. It took me most of the last month to pack my house and I'm not sure that I'm done yet - no way were those girls going to get packed in 2 days!!

I was hoping to swap stories about moving a lot of cats over the weekend. I'm frazzled with 13 - I have no idea how you do it!!

I got a cat house in Kansas City area for sale if you are interested......
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Originally Posted by Momofmany
I got a cat house in Kansas City area for sale if you are interested......
LOL Amy! So I've got an offer from you in KC, and one from Barb in Iowa.

Hey! Any Colorado TCS'ers have a place they want to rent to me!
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Good Grief... I hope finding a new place works out for you!!!

<<<<good moving vibes>>>>
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