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Doesn't this sound weird??

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I belong to a survey panel and sometimes I'm sent new products to try and give my opinon on them. Today I get in the mail a sample of toothpaste but with the instructions that I am to use it for two weeks and then send the unused portion back.... Is it just me or is that a little weird? What are they going to do with the rest?
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Hmm...maybe the company wants to see on average how much a person will use in 2 weeks? Or, they are just weird .
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Maybe we don't want to know? Recycled toothpaste for the next target market......
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My guess is that they want to see if people they send it to will actually use it or not.
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You know, Hissy I was thinking the same thing. I don't think I'm going to participate in this survey.
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Perhaps it's a secrative government plot to collect everyones DNA..

I think that by cataloging the entire population that they will then be able to pick and choose which of us will be traded to aliens, for the knowledge that as yet we don't know..... I urge you NOT to send back your toothpaste, as a matter of fact, everyone should carry with them a small spray bottle of bleach to kill all DNA strands they leave behind at resteraunts and such. I myself have noticed that there have been a large number of men in gray suits claiming to be IRS agents moving across country taking used utensils at diners... that sort of thing. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BE CAREFULL!!!!

....... or, they just want to know how much you use in 2 weeks

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Well for your information I happen to carry around with me a pocket sized spray bottle that I use every time I touch something in public for this very reason. When I wrote this post I suspected that is what they were doing but I didn't want to come out and say that since everyone would think I'm paranoid. I'm glad to see there is others out there that know about this secret ploy.:paranoid3
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Or you could just wear gloves . . .

But you have to be careful about things like, if you run your fingers through your hair and a strand comes loose, don't just drop it! They can get your dna from that too.

And be sure to break any glass you drink from so the saliva residue is tainted
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Actually I shaved my head for this very reason...

Shhhh... we should keep it down because they could be reading this very post......:paranoid2
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This survey sounds a little weird. I wouldn't participate either. Do you get paid for belonging to this survey panel? Can anyone participate or is it just for certain people?
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Sarah, I get a dollar for long surveys!! OoOoOooO!! They do enter you into contests where you can win money but I fill out the surveys because they're kind of fun.

Anyone can join, here's the link if you're interested. NFO
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