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My Dog is going mental

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I really hope that someone else's dog has this habbit too, cos I feel like the only person in the world who's Dog is NUTS

Ok well my beautiful dog, Willow, is a pit bull- staffyx, brindle, and she is around 10 years old.
She is fit and healthy and happy.
She spends alot of time barking at birds flying in and out of our garage, which I can handle...just.
But her crazy habbit is finding rocks ( roughly the size of a basketball,) and she licks and bites and barks at them and digs up the dirt around them and manages to move them all over our property. She has been doing this for about 2 years now.
She has no intrest in chasing little stones or sticks, but if you throw a rock (which can be very heavy) she wont hesitate to get it.
My sister in law thinks it's a 'sexual' thing between Willow and the rock. But I think that idea is a wee bit wacky
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I'm sorry, that mental image is cracking me up.

I've seen a lot of pitties that were fascinated with rocks like this, I'd chalk it up to a bully breed quirk.

Kinda like Labs and their affinity for ingesting strange objects.
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Sounds like a harmless quirk. Like I have an akita who loves to dig, and that is an akita trait. And I don't mean dig a little, this dog will dig a 2 foot deep hole in no time at all. And the worst part is, as they dig...somehow the dirt gets all stomped down. So you can't just refill the holes, you have to get dirt from elsewhere. She has dug down around several trees to the point I was afraid she would kill them.

So we have a yard of potholes. We do try to keep them filled, but she works way harder at it than we do...LOL! Just part of having her as a pet.
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what is she eating??
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My Dazy who is now in heaven is a bassethound. Her breed hunts rabbits and stuff noooooooooooooooo not her. We had to pet Rabbits and she would go on a morning chase around the yard with them and an hour later her and the bunnies would be napping together on the grass, but if she saw a lizard she went nutz. LOL I think our pets know what they are doing and thery do it to keep us entertained.
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My friend had a golden retriever that would dive into the lake by their cottage and bring up EVERY SINGLE rock in the lake. Every night we would go out (when the dog wasn't looking) and throw them all back in. Next day...she would be so excited by all the new rocks to bring out. And before long they would be all over the yard again.
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Funny storys guys, they crack me up. So I guess it's just her hobby and it makes her happy, and I will just have to live with it. that's cool. thanks for the input.

Sharky: she eats...Dog roll and bikkys ( only the best brands) fresh beef, and left over vegetables from tea, but not potatoes.
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My Pearl is a pit mix and she loves to play with rocks and sticks. She carries them around and swats them all over the yard.

Pearl also chases birds and occasionally catches one. I've lost count of how many dead birds that I've had to dispose of.
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I have a chocolate lab and a basset hound. Kisses and scoobie some how find the biggest, thickest, longest branches in the yard and drag them through the doggy door into the patio and stack them in a pile. I don't know how they do it because the branches can be almost 4 feet long and a good 4 inches thick. The dog door is 14 inches wide and 2 feet tall.

We have even tried to make them take them back outside but it never happens.
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