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Do you/did you have your children named already?

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For those who don't have kids (human, not fur) but plan on it, do you have their names picked out yet? And for those that do have kids, did you have their names picked out way ahead of time, like before they were just a twinkle in your eye? I keep changing my mind, but I know my children will have 2 middle names, cuz I think it's cool, and if I have a girl, one of her middle names will be Lynn, that's my mom's middle name, and the other middle name will be the father's mother's middle name. (Hopefully it's something nice! )
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I doubt I'll ever have kids, given my age, but yes, I do have names picked

Girl -Bailey Rose
Boy -Dante

Haven't had a boy's middle name that just struck me yet though.
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My first husband and I picked out James Richard and Christina Ann, for ours. Our son has always been known as "Richard".

After that, I wanted a girl. The only name, that we had picked was Amanda Marie. In the delivery room, the doctor said, "Its a boy!"

I looked at my s/o and said, "Oh, $#!+! What are we going to name him?"

Mark (for his father) Thomas (my maiden name) has worked out well.
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well I had my daughters name picked out, and then my best friend TOOK her name right out of my hands, and named her daughter that..3 months before I had my kid. I was so insanely mad.

I had that name picked out FOREVER...and she stole it. Really. And she didnt even know she was pregnant untill she was 7 months pregnant...and I was only like 4 months. ugh...still makes me mad.

Anyhow, so we went with Madison Christine.

She WAS going to be Autumn Rayne (pronounced rain)
and other than that she was going to be Krystal Rayne

If it was a boy, he'd have to be named after his grandpa...which thank god I didnt have a boy, cuz he'd be Billiam joseph
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Girl: Aubrey, for sure for the first name - middle name, I can't choose between Lillian or Maxine. Maxine has been in my family for 4 generations now, and is my middle name - but I love the name Lillian - thats my grandmothers middle name, she is my 2nd mom pretty much & I want to name my daughter after her too
I was thinkin about Aubrey Lillian Maxine, but that might be TOO much

Boy: Bradley John (Brad is my dad's name) or... Landon John
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I don't think Aubrey Lillian Maxine is too much! I love different names.
I really like the name Brooke, but then her name would be Brooke Lynn....I don't know if it's too cheesy or not. My favorite names are Griffin, Chase and Hunter for boys, and Brooke and Ariannah for a girl, but I can't think of any more. I keep changing my mind!
A girl I work with named her daughter Nevaeh Destiny. Nevaeh is Heaven spelled backwards.
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Daniel Arthur, Danny for short and Arthur after King Arthur.
Tiana Christine, Tiana because I have adored that name since I was 5, and Christine as a femine form of Chris (my fiance).
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I think I really love the 2 middle names, I dislike John's mom, so I will NOT name any of my children after her!

I like the name Brooke Lynn!

One of our family friends wanted to name their child Brock, with the middle name Lee .... so when they would say their full name, it would have been Brock Lee.... (broccoli is what its supposed to sound like)

I might be mad at my parents for that one!
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Oh, Gawd!!!! That's as bad as Dick Trickle!!!
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Now thats BAD!
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I had long since planned that Sierra would be my first daughter's name. Now that she is, I still wonder how it would be to have two little Sierra's running around one of these days! I'm undecided, and, for now, with no in the near future, suppose that's ok!

I am confident about the name Elizabeth for a girl, so lovely, as her first or middle name. For a boy, I've considered as a middle name passing on my Dad's name, Stephen, or a name from my Mom's side, Shelton. These are a just a couple of thoughts for now.

I would like my children to have unique first names, derived from the special derivative of the name.
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I just read back over the thread, those are funny!
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I guess when I was younger... I always thought about names I liked (Sarah & Daniel), but I/we didn't actually really start the choosing until I got pregnant.

btw... I don't have a Sarah or Daniel
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I had my daughters name picked out for the longest time but I combined her last name after her father and I got back together he orginally wanted her middle name to be Marie but i wanted something that stood out more with Cheyenne

Cheyenne (after both our indian heritage(sp) Winter Dermody-Bradford

My ex husband and I decided that he would give our middle boy a first name and i would give him his middle name so we wnded up with

Hunter Alan (Alan was my grandfathers name)

with the baby we switched I gave him his first name and he gave him his middle name. I wanted him to have 2 middle names but that was thrown out i wanted to name him

Nathanael Wayne Casey Lewis ( you have tos ay it all together to get the effect lol)

but he ended up

Nathanael Wayne (wayne is my ex husbands dads name)

and dont anyone DARE call him anything but Nathanael he hates nate and nathan
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It was many years ago, but yes, we had our children's names selected well before their births.

My daughter's name (Alicia Anne) was selected for a few reasons.
I found Alicia in a book of baby names (wasn't sure how to pronounce it as it wasn't popular back then), and then I heard it on a popular television show (a little girl with the name who was a child genious). I loved the sound of it, and so did her father. After her birth, Hurricane Alicia hit Texas. Lo and behold, the name took off after that and is quite common now.

Anne is my sister's name.

The two names looked really nice together written out (especially with our last name).

We did not know we were having a girl when she was born and had selected the name of Ryan Andrew in case she was a he.

When our son was born (6 years later), we came up with 2 new names. . .

Amanda (Mandy) Lee for a girl
Charles Zachary for a boy.

Charles is my late father's name. . .
Zachary doesn't have any significance, but we liked the name.

Once again, Charles Zachary looked great written out with our last name.

So there you have it.

Ironically, my ex husband remarried. . . . had 2 more sons, one of whom he named Andrew Ryan!! (flip flop of the boy's name we chose together years prior).
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Umm well my kids would really have to have their names picked out depending on their fathers figure...

Boy: I havent decided yet.. but these are the ones i like...

Scott, Benn, Samuel, Liam

Girl: Emily, Melissa, Chloe
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Not that I am planning on having kids in the forseable future!

Girls: Jasmine, Dana, Cheyenne, Yael

Boys: Andrew(Drew), Alexander (Xander)

No family names - just causes problems!
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yes my husband and I started picking names when we first started going out.

For boys:

Nicholas Isiah Ritchey
Joshua Elias Ritchey

For girls:

Victoria Elizabeth Ritchey
Savannah Marie Ritchey
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I named my daughter after my favorite Jimi Hendrix and Allman Brothers songs, The Wind Cries Mary, and In Memory of Elizabeth Reed. So she is Mary Elizabeth. I also had a grandother named Mary, and one with the middle name Elizabeth, but she would have had the name for my reasons, anyway. I was listening to my Walkman while in labor, and the first time I heard her cry, the intro to The WInd Cries Mary came on. I knew I had chosen well.
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When Bradley and I have kids, we like Abigail for a girl (Abbey Stewart....good Lord, she'll come out of the womb wearing a kilt!) and John Burke for a boy. John is Bradley's first name and a family name, but he'll go by Burke (we got Burke from Burke County, where Bradley's family owns some land. The place has special meaning to him and we both really like the name).
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We won't be needing it, but I always thought if Pat and I had a girl, we'd name her Kathleen Grace (Katie for short)...after my mom and his. I've never had any definite feelings on boy names.
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I just started thinking seriously about this due to the fact that I plan on having children in the next few years.


Anna Katherine Kai - Anna Katherine after my Mother's Grandmother and Kai is my cousin's Middle Name
Opal Beatrice Marie - Opal and Beatrice are my Grandmother's Middle Names and Marie is my Mother's Middle Name.


Everett Samuel Deforest - Everett has no special meaning I just like it and my parent's would kill me if I named a child Estman which is a family name so I picked a name with the same first letter. Samuel is the name of three of my Great Grandfathers and Deforest is my Mother's Father's Middle Name
Gustav Dean Edward - Gustav again has no special meaning beyond me loving it, Dean is my Father's Middle Name, and Edward is my Father's Father's Middle Name.

And yes I have run these names by the guy who will be fathering my children and he likes them.
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Every just has to remember that the more names you give your kids the longer you are yelling out their full name when they are in trouble!! I like the name Brooke Lyn too. But we have a friend named Brooke so that is a no go. I like Haley, and Jennifer, and Kailee or Katelyn. Boys names I don't know about I am just sure I am going to have girls!
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i selected 8 names, 1st & middle, when i was about 16. i am now 48 - am not going to have any children of my own, where i get to name them. so those names are going to go to waste!
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I definitely want to name 2 girls (assuming I have them! ) after my grandmothers - Audrey and Sophie. I might end up doing Madeleine Sophie, after St. Madeleine Sophie Barat. Not sure about that one.

As for boys, I have my "short list" but nothing set in stone yet. John Paul (after JPII) ranks up there but I expect it will be white hot among Catholic families for at least the next few years so we'll have to see about that. A lot of my decision would probably ultimately depend on what is and isn't popular when I do have kids. No matter how much I like a name, I don't want my kid to have the same name as 6 other kids in his/her class!

There are some ethnic names I really like but that would depend on my (future) husband's name, if applicable. While I appreciate the unique American-ness of names of different ethnicities, I also don't want my kid's name to make people chuckle when they read it. To whit, I know a guy named Eamon Bobowski. My own last name is neutral enough that it doesn't pose those kinds of challenges, but I dated a guy with the last name Murphy for several years. Had we gotten married, that would have affected name choices a little. You can have a Katie Murphy easily, for instance - but Katja Murphy doesn't work quite as smoothly.
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I LOVE names! I'm not sure if I actually want to have any children, but I would like naming them!

Girl names I like: Audrey, Amy, Eliza, Carolyn, Zoe, Claire, Ella, Fiona, Madeleine...I also like Waverly and Tabitha, but I think I'll save those for a cat...

Boys names I like: Aaron, Adrian, Joshua, Gavin, Scott, Cory, Liam, Sasha, Cole....

Too bad my best friend who will be my maid of honor has had really tempestuous relationships with an Adrian and a Cory and I had one with a Scott. Guess those are out....I also really like Ian and Andrew, which are my boyfriend and brother's names, respectively. And Graham, which is Ian's brother's name.
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Originally Posted by lionessrampant
I LOVE names! I'm not sure if I actually want to have any children, but I would like naming them!
Haha!!! ITA. Naming them is fun, but I definitely can't see having children any time in the foreseeable future.

Naming cats works just fine as a substitute for me, for now. And at this point, all the cats I name end up eventually getting adopted by someone else.
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With my son it was pretty much planned, since I knew I was having a boy. We agreed on Austin and Wayne comes from my dad and brother(middle names) And my daughter, well that was kinda tough.....I knew I wanted Faith in her name but wasnt sure what to put with it. So it ended up being Kaedence Faith...and I swear I never heard that name and now its like a very popular name!
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If Jason and I have a boy we are going to name him Brenden Scott...Jason loved the name Brenden and Scott because that's my dads name and him and I are very very close.

As far as a little girl goes...I really like the name Ava Anne, but I don't know what Jason thinks of it...So I'm kind of stuck on a girls name.
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Yes, Shawn and I picked out one boy's name and one girl's name a long time ago.

For the girl, Olivia Catherine Elizabeth. Olivia 'cause we like it, and Catherine after his mom and my sister, and Elizabeth after my mom.

For the boy, Saben Shawn Alexander. He used to work with a Saben and thought it was a really cool name. Shawn because it's tradition in his family that the firstborn son gets the father's first name as his middle name, and Alexander because we like the sound and it has a nice meaning (helper and protector of mankind). I also like the sound of "Saben Alexander Shawn," but our last name starts with S, and I don't think it's a good idea to have a baby's initials spell out SASS.
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