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Basement Therapy

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Pru was lost in our basement for almost 2 days and we found her, I had posted about it earlier, being very upset about it.
The best thing has come out of it though. Now Pru follows me up the stairs every night and sits in the bathroom door watching me get ready for bed. I bend down and wiggle my fingers and she comes right over to me. She lets me pet her. Oh my gosh! The first night I saw her in the doorway, I almost scared her off by jumping. I looked over and there was this little head with GREAT big eyes staring at me from around the corner, I couldn't believe it the first night. Now she is watching me get ready for work in the morning and is doing the same thing. She is so beautiful. If you have a feral/stray you know how they look: tail down or tucked under, legs and body low to the ground in a crouching stance, always ready to run and hide. Pru is standing straight, she has long skinny little legs and her tail is straight up and kind of "shivers" with excitement.
It's like she is a new cat. I don't know what happened to her in the basement, but it has made her open up. Yipee!
Now this only happens when I go into the bathroom and she is scarce the rest of the time, but progress is being made.
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Yay for Pru! She must have just had a lot of time to think down there. And decided that maybe, just maybe you might be ok. Every step forward with a little feral should be celebrated, and I have to say - I'm grinning ear to ear thinking of her new giant leap of faith.
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I wish there was one answer for these feral kitties! If needing a large dark hiding place is what it took...I would send Jazzie into a dark room! I'm so glad your kitty is trusting you! Sounds like a great step forward!
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Wow! Great news! I remember reading that thread, and I was wondering just yesterday how it turned out. Maybe after she relaxed down there awhile, she realized that it was better upstairs, and, on some level, appreciates what she has, and I think she really missed you. Who knows. In the end, I guess the "why" of it doesn't matter.
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That's wonderful to hear! I had to laugh reading that you jumped -Lexi's unannounced presence has made me jump a couple of times myself - glad I'm not the only one! Hooray for Pru!
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That's wonderful news!
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