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Note to oneself!!

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When I am done eating liverwurst sandwiches, make sure I PUT the liverwurst block away back in the fridge before leaving for 3 hours.
Liverwurst was gone with 7 smiling happy cats when I came back just now.
They left me the paper wrappings to clean up. . .

Does anyone know if Liverwurst is okay with Cats? Sigh. . .
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I know I shouldn't laugh....but...... *snicker*

I'll move this to Health & Nutrition where our experts can assess the ingredients of liverwurst for cats.
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It's hard to find a list of ingredietns for liverwurst, but I did find a recipe for making braunschweiger liverwurst, and I think they all tend to be fairly similar.

My concerns (though this is a one time only - I'd be a lot more concerned if the cats had this daily) are that I believe onion and/or garlic are used, and pork livers - which contain vitamin a, and cats can get vitamin a toxicity if they eat too much liver.

I would call (cause it's what I do!) my vet and run it by them, but I think they will just tell you to observe...best to call though since I'm just guessing re what they might say.
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bunch of little stinkers I tell ya, they are doing great, running around being loud as usual although I am keeping an eye on all of them. Worst I can see happening is maybe Dirrerrhe...(Yuuuccckkk) but I would rather deal with that than an overdose of Liverwurst!! It's a good thing they all split it, I would be more worried if one cat ate it all!! Having Cats is like a bunch of kids as I always say....I could just hear them...(oh please mommy forgot about the LIVERWURST..ohhhhhh The LIVERWURST...ohhh...there she goes...out the door....YESSSS LIVERWURST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
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i have no advice to offer, but i had to tell you how much i laughed at this! out loud! hehehehe those little stinkers!
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Lol...I can picture them all eating together and happy as clams that you forgot...
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