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Cat Pawwing Nonstop

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I have two male cats, Mick and Winnie, that will be 9 years old in a couple of days. Winnie, the dominate kitty, likes to paw nonstop when he is cuddling with me. Now, I am a stay at home wife and because I'm around more I guess I notice it more. He has left bruises on me several times and I know that he is just being affectionate, but it becomes a little annoying and painful. Any suggestions?
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Bruises? Could you define "paws" a little more, please?
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I know I've gotten bruises from Zissou jumping excitedly on me, say on the insides of my arms or on my back, but I can't think of a situation where she would be pawing me and leaving bruises.
Is your cat kneading (making biscuits) you that hard?
Please explain exactly whats going on?
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Kneading....massaging motion...... He sits in my lap or either beside me and paws or kneads. He is really persistent about it and will attempt to sit on top of my laptop to get in a comfy position to paw/knead or massage. If I put him down, he will get right back up like he's on a mission or something.
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Wow... We are talking about a domestic cat here, not a bobcat or anything, right? I've never heard of a cat kneading that hard! Do you trim Winnie's claws? Is he a really big kitty?
He is showing affection, of course, but if he's hurting you enough to make a mark, I would try to stop it.
Do you bruise really easily? You could try putting a big thick blanket that he likes over your lap, so when he kneads it is absorbed by the blanket. Zissou loves to knead this one blanket I have on my bed--well, its really hers now!. I don't have any other advice, I'm sorry!
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He's a small domestic kitty. If I could figure out how to attach his picture, I would. He only weighs 10 pounds! He's really strong though. I've trained my other kitty, Mick, to paw/knead his blanket but Winnie will have no part of it. He's a very affectionate kitty and loves to give kisses and cuddle but I don't think he knows his own strength. I don't like to put him down b/c I don't want to hurt his feelings, but it's pretty bad when my hubby points out the paw prints on me.
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Oh -- and he is declawed and has been since he was a baby.....
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Hmm. I have a sharp clawed 8 lb cat (I don't trim her because she is indoor/outdoor) that does me that way, but I get scratches instead . I would try a pillow that covers your lap or wherever else he paws-if he wants petted and loved on, that's what he'll have to put up with to get it.

My Butterbean was born in a barn, but was also born with a spoiled princess attitude, and doesn't take well to being told what to do, but if she gets in my lap and wants loved on, she's gotta have a blanket under those paws. Sometimes she says "Forget it" and leaves (usually she is just wanting me to get up and escort her to the food bowl -when she was a kitten, we were in a small trailer and the only place to put the cat food where the dog couldn't get it was on the clothes dryer. She would wait for someone to walk by and put her up because she was too little to jump up (6 months). Now she still wants an escort to the food bowl! Spoiled Rotten cat -most of the time she has to give up on that, too). But eventually, she's gotta have her pet and snuggle time.

Like Butterbean and the food bowl (maybe that's a bad example ), he's just going to have to be conditioned, and consistantly for you to come away from his "loving" unscathed. Cats can learn too! but it is hard when YOU'RE missing out to teach them!

Maybe someone else has some ideas, too?
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