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Zero Odor

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I hate pet odor but I love pets. I have every room with a deodorizer and my morning cleaning is sraying every room with freebreez and then a little carpet fresh. I was watching TV and saw something called Zero Odor and I bought it. Has anyone else used it and what are your opinions on it.
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i just saw an ad for this in Cat Fancy, while waiting at the vet's office. was going to post here and ask opinions before i ordered some.

do you like it? is it better than febreeze?

anyone else have an opinion?
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Febreeze smells better. Well actually it just smells pretty. Thie Zreo doesn't have much of a smell. So far it is ok to me. The test is when I leave this weekend and return Sun night. I live in a mobile and there is a ton of cats under it. That why I try to keep skittles in. SO far it is ok. I think I might go spray the litter box like they did on the commercial and close the dog. I usually change the litter weekly but I scoop it daily. I am going to wait on that and spray thay will tell me if it is good or not. of course I will scoop it later. I dont want a dirty potty and am sure Skittles doesn't either
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i'd be happy with a "no odor" spray that minimizes the cat box odor.

keep us posted after your weekend trial. i'll be interested in hearing how it does!
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I will let you know how tonights trial and how the weekend trial is when done.
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I use it and like it. I'm running out pretty quickly so will have to order more. It dosen't use cover scents that is why there is no odor. Whenever there is a mess from the cats somewhere I clean it with regular cleaning products and then finish up the cleaning with zero odor. I really do like it. If the smell is deep down in the carpet (like someone peed in the wrong place) then it will help the smell for a while but the odor will return.

I was highly recommended this product from other breeders. It works well to spray through the house before guests arrive.
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The smell does come back I thought it said gone forever
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I think it just can't penetrate to where the smell is coming from. How do you deep clean a carpet?? I really have no idea. Are there any good carpet cleaning products people recommend?
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were you cleaning a stain out of fabric/carpet? is it possible that the wetness went into the padding? if the padding is stained, that would cause the odor to come back, no matter what cleaning product you use.

also, from what i'm reading, this product can be sprayed on carpets and furniture where there is no stain, correct (to control odor)? or can it be sprayed into the air? or are there different formulations for different jobs? (sorry for all the questions! )

eta: as for carpet cleaning products, my friends SWEAR by Nature's Miracle. you're supposed to saturate the carpet where the stain/accident is, and then soak it up with towels or paper towels to get as much moisture up as possible...then let it air dry. NM is made from enzymes that actually break down the organics in the pet's "presents". i've also used baking soda (dump a bunch on the fresh stain, let the baking soda absorb it, and then vacuum it up. has never discolored the carpet.)
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LOL Yes our hands. Tons of muscle strenthgh and if all else false cute a hole in the carpet and padding and plant a plant LOL or cat nip. We are all cat lovers wont seem stange to use just everyone else

Ok well I used rug doctor before and I hate it so no clue.
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I'm not really sure how deep it goes. We don't have much padding though.

Yes you can spray it in the air. I like to go through the house right before guests arrive.
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I am happy with zero odor! I had a friend over that has no pets and a nose like a hawk and she could not smell the urine odor. She would not lie to me either. If you have a spot to saturate, why not take off the spray nozzle and pour it on the spot. I think it has a money back guarantee as well.....
One thing that I was wondering about is if you could mix some with steam cleaner soap to help saturate... Anyone try it?
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i would think that you could use the zero odor instead of the steam cleaner soap? that might be the solution to the soaked carpet.
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off for the weekend and I sprayed so this will be the test bye everyone..
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I only have the one cat and have no cat odor anywhere? I make sure I ask visitors who would tell me if there were a smell. How many cats do you own?
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Originally Posted by Abigail
I only have the one cat and have no cat odor anywhere? I make sure I ask visitors who would tell me if there were a smell. How many cats do you own?
We never had odor with one cat either. Once you get to 3+ we start having some problems. Even then its managable. My main problem is I have one whole cat that does not like using the litter box and once this gets in the carpet then there are some issues. Also heaven forbid anyone has a whole male. I housed one temporarily and the odor was completely uncontrollable!! You can clean the litterbox and the stench of male urine is still there and it permeates the whole house.
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That is true. I do know the smell can drive someone from there own home.
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