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Well I woke up this morning got ready for work and Left my apartment at the normal time. I walked round the building to my parking spot and *POOF* NO Car!!

I have to ask who in their right mind would steal a 17 year old Dynasty with over 188,000 km on it a Rusted out body and less than a 1/4 tank of gas.

I am pissed off, stressed out and Not happy since on a 17 year old car who thinks they need replacement insurence if stolen. I didn't! So now i'm waiting to see if it turns up and if not I'm car shoping on the weekend.

Wish me luck, at least my cats will cuddle my to comiserate
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wow that sucks! So sorry to hear good luck in finding it- if its not found, good luck in your seach of a new one
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OMG thats awful. I hate to ask, but you didn't accidentally leave it somewhere did you? I mean...I'm kind of speaking from experience . I left my car at work when my fiance picked me up (we were in a hurry to get somewhere). Well we forgot all about it and it was weekend and he usually drives. Well Sunday I got to run errands and theres no car.... I freaked and then realized I left it at work.

I do hope you find it!
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That is so bad! I never really bother about my car because I assume nobody would want to steal it, maybe I'm wrong...
I hope you get insurance sorted, and maybe a nice newer car?
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Oh no! I can't believe someone stole your car!

Good luck - I really hope it shows up, if not - have fun shopping for a new one!
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That was actually my first thought, that I parked is somewhere else in the parking lot (I had to drive it home cuz I live so far from work) but after checking the entire parking lot.... nothing. I tell you, I was having a bird this morning. I work for the Canadian Cancer Society and this week is one of our biggest weeks being Daffodil sales and the start of the residential campaign I was compleetly prepared to have parked in the space next to mine or somthing but absolutely no car. The police said it will probably turn up in a couple days since it's not worth anything the thieves were probably teenagers wanting a joyride and would drive it until it was out of gas.
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Thanks everyone... It was just one of those days I should have went back to sleep.
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Oh Rhonda, I'm sorry to hear this...........I would be speechless if someone stole my car! I hope they catch the idiots!
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Sorry to read about your car-I agree that it could be teenagers taking the car for a spring joyride!! I hope it turns up!!
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