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Update on Brody

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I have received a few messages recently from some of you asking for an update on how Brody is doing. I didn't realize how many of you remembered my little guy I figured I would make an update thread because I am just so proud of him!

Most of you will remember he was abandoned by someone and delivered to my doorstep by a neighbor on Thankgiving. He has heartworms and was diagnosed with Kennel Cough when we got him as well. He is blind in one eye due to an eye injury that was left untreated, and had no training whatsoever.

First off, regarding his training.... he has come around remarkably! The crate training was a huge sucess. As of a week ago, I started leaving the door to his crate open while we were away at work during the day. Brody has free run of the house and has not had one accident I am so proud of him. He also knows what it means when we say "NO Brody", "Sit", "Lay down", "Night Night", and "Leave poor Dori alone". He is bad about jumping up on people still, but he is so small that everyone likes it when he does it He is also no longer scared of being outside in the back yard (privacy fenced in) by himself. I am able to open the door for him to run out and do his thing and he comes back to the door when he is done and I let him in. You guys might remeber that I had to nearly drag him out into the grass in the beginning

Secondly, regarding his health... He is doing fantastic. He still has heartworms and has 3 months left before the big treatment the vet wants to do. I gave him his 3rd heartguard pill a week ago and so far he has not had any vomiting or lethargy. WIth the first 2 pills he threw up everything for nearly 2 weeks after taking it and was too worn out to do anything. He has the energy of a little pup right now and wants to run and play. This sudden improvement in his health has prompted me to plan a second opinion before taking him in for that final heartworm treatment. The treatment is very hard on the dogs and once they receive it they have to remained confined for 6-8 weeks. There is a possibility the vet said that he might not make it through the treatment...I have read that sometimes vets decide not to do that treatment at all and just keep the dogs on the monthly Heartguard pills if they seem to do fine while on it. For this reason it is worth it to have another vet see Brody before putting him through something so drastic.

I just wanted to share our good news with you guys! Thanks for all the prayers and good vibes you have sent his way after the past months, they have really helped
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YaaaaaaaaaYYY Brady!!!!!!!
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Tanya, I think Brody has converted you into a dog person! I personally know of a couple of dogs who have successfully beat heartworm, so I've got fingers and toes crossed that Brody will also manage to do so.
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Originally Posted by jcat
Tanya, I think Brody has converted you into a dog person! I personally know of a couple of dogs who have successfully beat heartworm, so I've got fingers and toes crossed that Brody will also manage to do so.
Oh no Tricia, I am not a dog person.
I think Heidi told me a while back that I can call myself a "Brody person"
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I have been following his story since you found him, and am really glad to hear he is doing so well.
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Yay for Brody! He's such a cute little guy. Glad to hear he's doing so well now.
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Tanya, that's such a good news report! I'm glad the little guy is doing so well, and I can well understand your intention to get a second opinion before putting him through that last phase of the heartworm treatment. Here's hoping it won't be necessary to do that.
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Tanya....your love, patience and excellent care have brought sweet Brody from the brink of disaster, to a happy, energetic boy.
Way to go Brody.

A 2nd opinion sounds like a wise idea.
Let us know what you find out.
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That is excellent news! Way to go Brody! Amazing what a turn around in just a short time really.

Brody is so lucky to have you guys, that you took him in and have loved him unconditionally. No wonder he's doing so great behaviorally.

good luck with the 2nd opinion... hopefully he won't need that big treatment. I don't know one thing about heart worms, but I hope it all works out great for Brody.
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you know I love hearing positive updates on Brody I just know that he is going to beat all of this
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Go Brody boy!!
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Any updated pics?
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Thanks for the update Tanya!

I'm so pleased to hear that Brody is making fantastic progress both behaviour and health wise! He must be so happy to have found his forever home with you!

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So nice to hear an update. Brody sounds like he's doing great!
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Tanya I am relieved to hear that health-wise Brody is doing better. I was getting worried about him.
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I wondered how you came across Brody! YIPEEE!!!
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