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Radio question of the day: 03/29/06

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Thread Starter often and what time of day?
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Every day. At 5:30 am most morning. On the weekends it depends on what time I wake up. by 7:30 or 8 for sure though unless i am sick!
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usually just once a day in the morning, before work, unless I'm going out then I'll shower again in the evening beforehand. If I shower in the evening then I won't shower again the next morning, I wait till the next day
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Once a day, morning/afternoon. Sometimes twice a day. I love being nice and clean before I go to bed, but I also love being clean before I go to work haha.
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Shower? Whats that!?

Juuussttt kidding.... everyday @ 7:10AM, and sometimes at night when I get home from the YMCA.

Weekends, um, usually by like 10AM, or noon, if I'm really lazy!
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In the evening sometime. I work out some days so I prefer showering before bed. I'm a lazy slow-poke in the morning.
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I have a bath in the morning,then a shower at night,if i'm really grubby then i'll have a bath at night instead of a shower.
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I shower before I go to bed
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Morning, before my loud mouth birds are up, every other day.
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Every morning before work at about 7.15am. If I'm going out at night I usually shower again if I have time.
Usually when I get home from the gym or Tae Kwon Do I have another shower before bed.
On Saturdays I don't shower until about 3 or 4pm because I get up and go straight to Tae Kwon Do then to the gym so I like getting all yummy and clean when I get back.
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Well when I worked in an office I showered every morning before work. In the summer if I was working in one of the gardens I would take another shower before bed.
However I don't follow that routine anymore as there have been weeks this winter when I am running errands only once a week. So now I shower every other day. But once I start working more I will be showering more. And using the whirlpool tub to ease my aching muscles!!
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Weekdays usually about 5:45am

Weekends usually before 8:00am

Sometimes on the weekends if I have a lot of heavy duty housework (or in the summer – yard work), I will wait to shower until after I’m all done… maybe early afternoon or so.
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I prefer to take showers in the morning, but since having my baby, I have to take them at night, because that's when I have time!
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Weekdays~ 'round 6:15 AM
Weekends ()~ 9:30 or 10 AM
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Daily...about 7am on workdays. Whatever time I feel like it on Saturday and about 9:30-10 on Sundays!
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On days where I work I shower @ 5:45am, on the weekends sometime before noon.
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I shower at night before I go to bed. There's no point in me showering before work, with my job! I couldn't imagine coming home after all that and crawling into my bed all funky! Plus, it helps me sleep better to be freshly showered and all cozy.
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you took the words right out of my mouth!!!!

I hate showering in the morning and if I absolutely have to (like this morning cause I had an early vet appt.)it takes me at least half an hour to warm up and wake up before I can think of washing normally I prefer a bath at night, say, 7 or 8PM, sometimes in the afternoon when I'm chilly or need to relax.
In the mornings, especially before 9, I simply cannot get myself to get in contact with water, except for teeth brushing so I rather have it later during day time when I'm fully awake
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I shower every morning - early on! If I've been working, I will sometimes have another shower in the evening or a bath if I can actually find time for one!
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Everyday usually about 8am on weekdays and about 9am on weekends.
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once a day during the winter everyday. Twice a day during the summer everyday.
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After coffee, and if I have gotten dirty or sweaty durning the day, either right after whatever made me dirty and sweaty or before bed.
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Just depends on what my plans are for the day. Normally I shower/bathe once a day, but if I am going out in the evening, I will either take 2 that day or wait until I get ready to go out and then take one
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