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need pics of cats being lovey dovey!

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Here's a pic of Zebra grooming Buddy..

Buddy being all lovey dovey with Zebra!

Buddy and Zebra snuggling together

I would LOVE to see pics of ur furbabies being lovey dovey with each other!
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Great idea and great pics!!

Here are a couple of mine:

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Aw, what sweet pics! Gotta love seeing lovey kitties.

This is one of my favorites of Trent and Ophelia. They snuggle ALL the time.

And one more snuggle pic:
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Oh i've certainly got those ones!

And my favourite one of them

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i just posted these on the squad's thread, but they fit in here, too...
She's my sister - paws off!

meowmy - we're trying to sleep!

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Oh my goodness Laureen!, that last ones so sweet!
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Oh my goodness Laureen!, that last ones so sweet!
took me 3 tries to get it at the right angle, because i couldn't get up or they would've moved!
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heres my little love birds!

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These are lovely

Here are some of mine...

It seems my cats do nothing but snuggle!!
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I wish my two would do that!!!
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such sweet pics!!!!!!
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So sweet all ur cats...oh, I also wish my cats can post like that. All the best they can do, is fighting, that goes 4 my 2 male.
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Cassi & Ivory

Whiskers (RB) and baby Trouble

Vash & Trouble in a kitten sized bed

Shadow & Vash

Ivory & Trouble

None of Spaz being lovey, after I lost BC she never again bonded with another cat
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Ok here is mine. Ok well it is me my son and my skittle taken last night.

This is Skittles and Dazy the bassethound. They will only share water and will not drink individually. They have to share.

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Turkey and Cookie!
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Just got this one of Molly and Megan the other night.
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In their kitty tree together...

Frankie Gives Rishi a Back Rub

Relaxing after the Back Rub

Yin And Yang...

Kitties Form a Heart
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these are so cute. Thumbs up to this thread.
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Kuce and Luvbug

Kuce and Lil' Jag

Luvbug and Lil' Jag

And all three together
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Heres mine.

Tommy & Charlie are joined at the hip....

This one was when Charlie had his broken tail bandaged up (don't ask what they are doing, I know it looks rude but I am sure completely innocent)

Good Mates

I could go on I have lots and lots of these two together in various poses
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These pics are GREAT! Keep them coming!!
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Love everyones pics. Susan, your kits are the smoochiest kits I've ever seen! Here's a few of mine.

Petals lovin on herself!

A friend of mines kitties

Another friends babies!

Well, Bailey is trying to be loving!

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