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Teenagers! Ugh!

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Okay, okay. I know most teenagers are great. But the ones living in Utah are getting very disrespectful! Two nights ago, I was riding home from work on the bus! And some teenagers got on and one of them didn't have a good form of payment. He argued with the bus driver until he was forced to either pay or get off. So he paid. When we arrived at his stop, this teen showed the bus driver his middle finger. When the bus driver told him not to get on his bus again, the kid swore to him. Then, yesterday another teen got off the bus and kicked at it(I don't know why). Are the teens in your area out of hand?
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Nena: Teens are like that everywhere.. it just happens.

I remember throwing snowballs a the bus cause it was the thing to do.
World is full of disgrunteled youth, you dont' even have to be a teen to fit into that.. (Now watching my 24 year old room mate singing "Little bunny foo foo" into his microphone to his buddies on the computer game.)

The best and only way to get teens like that to shut up or be good, is buy them alcohol or let them use your house to smoke some bud, or stand up to them, and i mean REALLY stand up to them (with in reason of course, you don't want to get yourself killed).
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My youngest brother and younger sister are both teens. My little brother is 18 and my sis is 19. They both work full time jobs, both are very mature, and treat others well. I've never seen either one of them behave the way you guys describe.

I hate to see all teens labeled "bad" because that simply isn't true.

I also know some teens in my neighborhood who are good kids. And lets not forget that we were all teenagers once, and we probably did things to make adults think we were horrible too!!
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There are going to be those kinds of teenagers everywhere, but there are also alot of good ones too. I think almost every teenager acts reckless at one point in their life. I am 19 and I was not at all like that, ever. I was always mature and responsible.
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I was actually a pretty nice teenager. It's annoying how there are so many bad ones to give them all a bad rep.

I hate teen customers. I'm a waitress, and teens out on their own in groups are so rude. They run you around, treat you like crap, and tip terribly. One table of 6 came in late at night, made me stay late, were rude and obnoxious, complaining about work, and then left me a nickel and a penny!!!! Another table of 2 teens did the same to me, made me stay almost an hour late (which is a lot when you work a 12 hour shift to start) and left me a nickel. Argh.
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My stepdaughter is 17, and is the most well behaved, loveable, caring teenager I have EVER seen!!! She was only 8 when her father and I got together, and it has been a joy to see how wonderful she has turned out! Her mom has done a wonderful job of raising her! And my stepson too, who will be 12 in August...he is well mannered, and respectful. A pleasure to be around. I couldn't ask for better stepchildren. And I know alot of this is owed to their mother, who has done such a good job with them!!
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I will be 20 in July so technically I am still a teen. I agree that my generation can be rude and obnoxious but for every teen who is crude there is an adult or senior who is just as ill-mannered.

I agree with susieq that you can blame the kid's parent's often times. Now I am not saying a parent is responsible for their teen's actions but I think a lot of their children's problems start at home. If I EVER was disrespectful to an adult my mom or my dad would have had it out for me or if I was ever to break a rule I was in trouble. I was taught to respect other people if I ever wanted to be respected and I was taught good manners. I was also encouraged to talk about my problems with my parents so they could help me work them out.(Although I didn't always go to them first but when I had made a mess of my life they were there to help me get back on track.)

Now some of the people I hung out with in high school on the other hand could be whom most people think of when they think of teens. Rude, no regard for the law and other people's feelings, rebelious. Then when I met their families and was invited into their household I saw the puzzle come together. They had no rules, their parents never cared to talk with them, or they'd be living in tormoil with constant fighting going on around them.

Everyone goes through a rebelion stage, some more extreme than others. I went through mine and got it over with when I decided it was time to be an adult. I am lucky because I have a mom who is cool enough to talk to about tough subjects like sex, drugs and any thing else a young person faces. Unfortunatly not everyone is able to talk to their parents about things to that nature and that in itself causes a lot of problems.
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You seem very wise beyond your years, and VERY mature...I never would have guessed you are 19. Your mother has done a great job raising you!!!
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Aw shucks Debby I'm blushing!!

Thank you.... My mom would be pleased to hear that.
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well, I meant it!
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I am a high school teacher, so I deal with teens every day, I would not do so if I did not like teenagers, but there are some days when I am perplexed by the base rudeness of students.

One of my darling dears was arrested yeaterday for credit card fraud. His mama bailed him out of jail to the tune of $15,000. I saw the kid that night hanging out with his buddies at the local hangout.

If I had ever been arrested, my parents would have left me to rot for weeks. That was the way I learned to be (I flatter myself) a decent person, but this kid has never suffered consequences for his actions. Even on the cusp of adulthood, his parents are protecting him from himself. I fear the level of destruction it will take for this person to learn how to live responsibly in the world, if he ever does.

Parents are the most important teachers in their child's life. A parent has the power to create or destroy society through his or her actions. I want to take a moment to be thankful for my parents who knew how to let me learn the hard way so that I could become a functioning adult.

ok... I am getting down from my soap box...
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I agree with Susieq and Badhabit about the parents often being at fault. There are some parents who just don't care and never will. My own son has always felt he could talk to me about various problems that have come up over the years. I have tried to set a good example and give him the right values. He has accepted all my values except for the one about believing in God and going to church I talked to my minister about this one and I was told not to force my son to attend church against his will and that there is a lot of time for him to change his mind.

A lot of people blame the use of the time-out method for the attitudes that many teeneragers have. From what I have seen, this isn't a method that works well with every child.
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BadHabit: Dang your only 19?? Didn't figure that one.
I was a good little kid.. but from 13-16 1/2 I was just a hell child.

Then I just stopped being.. the way I was, and have become the cold bitter person I am on the outside, today
Nah, I'm actually very nice, I just have to find a person worthy of my time.

My daughter will never be the way I was as a teen, come hell or high water.

I've been arrested, after a while my parents just pretty much figured, "well, she hasn't died yet, so I guess she can take care of herself". So I've been my own teacher since then Why I know so much about mean youths eh? ha!:tounge2:
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Originally posted by AngelzOO
The best and only way to get teens like that to shut up or be good, is buy them alcohol or let them use your house to smoke some bud, or stand up to them, and i mean REALLY stand up to them (with in reason of course, you don't want to get yourself killed).
Geez, no offense, but I hope my kids don't ever run into you. Sorry, but I don't consider your suggestions a solution to anything.
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Wait wait wait! That first statement was a JOKE (However it does work) It is a joke. As for the rest of my sentance....

Deb: You must be one of those that don't believe in that teens can learn respect.
There is nothing wrong with standing up for yourself, doesn't matter who it is, maybe you were that push over nerd, but I was that steal your lunch money bully.
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I am not now, nor was I then, anybody's pushover. Exactly how are you teaching respect by buying alcohol illegally or lending out your house so somebody can get high? Sounds more like selling out to me.
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BadHabit: I'm glad your going back for your GED.
I went back and got mine.
I think experiance beats any book you could possibly read. But try telling that to your next employer that says "I want credientials!!"
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Deb: Go back and read what I said (I edited some of it) I thought you were refering only to the 'stand up for yourself' I completely forgot I even said the drinking/drugs thing cause it was a joke.
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It sounds like you had parents who just didn't care at all. That's very sad.

My son got arrested just once and I did what I always said I would...I refused to interfere with the legal system. My son learned his lesson and has become a better person because of it.
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Well, Angel, I am of the mind that teens can be taught respect: the lessons start when they are kids. That's also when they learn to stand up for themselves.
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Why this picking on teenagers? Rude, obnoxious, law-breaking people come in all ages. Those kids aren't rude, obnoxious and law-beaking because they are teenagers! They are rude, obnoxious, and law-breaking because they are rude, obnoxious and law-breaking! They were when they were 8, and they still will be when they are 48!
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LOL I dunno ask Nena she started it! Maybe it was just her tiff of the day?
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I was a pretty good teenager I'd say. I went to school, got good grades, had a job throughout school, never was in any trouble. My sister and brother on the other hand were terrible. They were always getting picked up by the cops, always in trouble at school, getting into fights, drugs, dropped out of highschool, the works. Yet somehow my parents would pay more attention to them. When they did do something good my parents would congratulate them and reward them. I on the other hand graduated highschool, went onto college (though I had to drop out because I was trying to work full time and go to school full time), lived on my own, and supported myself. I am 22 now. And I have never felt that my parents were ever proud of me. I'm sure that they are, but it doesn't seem like it at times. They give them money and support them. I've been left to fend for myself without any help at all from them. I guess that's better though. At least I know now that I have matured enough that I can survive on my own. I don't need anyone else to support me. As far as bad teenagers, there are quite a few of them out there. But there are also the good ones that don't get the praise that they should. People seem more interested in the bad ones then the good ones.
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I said it earlier and I'll say it again. Not ALL teens are like this!! Sure there are some, and its due to their home life most likely, or lack thereof.

Most kids who come from good ,loving, nurturing families probably will not be rude and obnoxious because they were taught better. I'm sure there will be an exception to this rule, but I think in general you are a product of your environment. At least that has been my experience in life so far.

And for those that are missing that home life, well hopefully they will find themselves being led by good teachers, or other adults who can teach them correctly.
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I do believe that teenagers are very influenced by what goes on around them, either from parents or peer pressure, even media such as videos and games. There is such a delicate balance in the way teens should handled. Thanks to a new football thugs game available on various formats, a lot of these brats have leasrnt new fighting methods, as the game features fighting lessons !

At the moment I am dealing with some neighbourhood teens that are regualarly ( three times a week at least ) breaking into my caravan in my garden, which is behind locked gates, and spending the night, there drinking and getting high. The police are no help as it is a Civil Trespass matter, which means they can do this as long as the cost of damage isn't above a certain amount, and that they have to leave quietly when asked. The damage they have caused to this caravan, which I now have to sterilise because of allergens, when I use it for an isolation ward every month or so, when I have an allergy treatment, has amounted to a few thousand pounds, to date, and still I can't get the law to touch them.

The oldest teen is 15 and the youngest is 13. I don't understand how the parents don't report their kids that are missing for a whole night, or ( they've been sleeping there for a while now ) haven't worked it all out that they aren't staying with friends. Anyway, the first time we discovered them there, when the police was escorting them off our property, the boys apologised, and thanked us for not charging them ( the police told them we'd dropped the charges for fear of revenge attacks ! ) and now, when we see them climbing back out of our garden in the morning, or on the street, they greet us like friends. The did damage the caravan to get in, and keep getting in, but the caravan itself is always left clean and tidy, if stinking of weed and alcohol. The beds are even made and the litter bags tied up and taken away. Deep down they have manners, so i guess we have to be grateful.

In total contrast, my Dad is constantly abused verbally by a 13 year old, who broke a bit of fencing as he climbed over it, whilst my Dad was watering our garden. My Dad questioned him as to what the hell he was doing, and the lad replied " What's it to you !?! " Dad says " It's my garden and you are trespassing and not only that, you have now caused damage, that's what it is to me ! ". The boy explained that my dad should be grateful that he wasn't disturbed as he was only getting his football back. Dad then tells him off a little and now he gets abused, and followed by this brat and his pals everytime he goes out. My Dad isn't the couragest of men, and is beginning to become reclusive, not going out if the car isn't around, etc. The police can do nothing about it.

If this is how 13 yr olds acts now, what chance have they in life ???
Unfortunately all the troublemakers are now being shipped off the estates by the council and are being settled into the area of private homeowners, where they cause just as much trouble, and pure violence, as if they'd never been moved at all. My area is now not safe to be out in after 8pm. The police station was even closed because of the violence of the thugs, that attacked it and it's staff. The thugs are all teenagers. We live in a sorry world.

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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Sonia, that is rotten! it's to bad you couldn't somehow run a hot electrical wire around the outside and shock those suckers when they tried to gain access.

I know of a lot of rotten teens, but I also know a lot of good ones. We just never hear about the good ones as much, because they are going along in society trying to get along, contributing all they can and are not usually "newsworthy." Recently, a local radio station was vandalized and they finally found the vandals. Two 13 year olds! When asked why they smashed all the expensive equipment and caused thousands and thousands of dollars in damages, one of the teens replied "we did it, because the dj's suck and won't play the right music!" Go figure, the parents must be so proud!

There is no way to place blame in one area because there are many reasons why people go bad, be they kids, teens or adults. It has always been that way and probably always will.
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Well, I, for one , amd getting pretty tired of hearing 'kids these days' from self righteous 'older people'. They go on about how kids are so disrespectful these days and then try to blame it on their music or choice of friends. They never stop to think it was their generation who raised these kids. Not that I'm blaming every kids actions on their parents, but generally the teens who ARE respectful had very good parenting.

I've seen more than my share of extremely rude and disrespectful older folks, but yet we're told to 'respect our elders'. I respect people who respect me, if someone isn't deserving, my 'elder' or not, they won't get any special consideration from me.

This whole subject really burns me Can you tell?
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Melissa, my mother works in a nursing home. She always tells me that
there is rarely such a thing as a sweet old lady or an nice elderly gentlemen. And many a time have I been shocked by the behaviour of some adults on the streets too.

I think there are nicer teenagers, I know over 300 wonderful teenagers, personally, that I think are fabulous and very respectable and that about that don't act like little hooligans. I do think that the sleepers in our caravan are ok, just that maybe if they go home drunk or drugged out they will get told off, or who knows baten up, so they'd rather stay out somewhere than deal with it, and as the parents just accept the fact that they all say ( there are 5 and sometimes 6 ! ) they are staying over at each other's houses, makes me wonder. It is just a shame that the teenagers we have cause for concern are the ones in the public eye. On the other hand, the violence the little monsters can inflict can be devasting, and as I wasn't bought up to be like that, maybe I just don't understand.

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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Sonia: LOL My mum used to be a CNA at a couple nursing homes. Hardly anyone there is nice.. patients, other workers.
My mum said things like some ppl would bite her, some ppl would grab her and not let go (omg childhood traumas coming back to me).
And of course my mum would get blamed if someones family didn't come visit them!

I will never understand why anyone would want that job.. I would rather be a sign holder (standing out in the hot sun for hours)
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Oh, yes, I, too can attest to the nastiness of the folks in their "golden years". I collect Medicare accounts for a living, so I deal extensively with old people. Since my industry always is plagued by closings, cut-backs and mergers, I don't always have my "choice" of jobs, but I try hard to find one where there are no deductibles and coinsurance to deal with, because that means dealing with these rude senior citizens. They seem to automatically assume that the healthcare provider is out to cheat them and to "pull one over" on them. When you deal with these folks daily, then you resign yourself to the fact that at least once a day you will hear that you are being turned in for Medicare fraud simply because you tried to bill a patient for a balance that they are very well aware when they request the procedure that Medicare does not pay for it. When you try to explain why they are being billed, and that you would be glad to fax them the consent they signed acknowledging they would be billed, they talk over you, interrupt you, threaten to turn you in to Medicare, threaten to "have your job", threaten to call the police, berate you for calling them a liar, accuse you of lying, hand up on you.....sigh. I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture.

Where I work now, I don't even answer my phone anymore, just let it go to voice mail.

On the other hand, I delight in chatting with my son's friends when they are over for a vist, or when they IM me thinking it is him on the puter. One guy even overheard me once when he called for my son, grunting "Alan around?" and as I was handing the phone over I said to Alan "that boy needs to be taught some phone manners." Well, he heard, and evidently took heed, because the very next time he called, this is what he said: "Yes ma'am, this is Vasily calling, may I speak to Alan?"

Yes, give me a 17 year old over a 70 year old any day.
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