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Did you see it today??

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Today at 1 oclock or so, the moon crossed over the sun, I missed it because there were thick clouds, but i know some people in europe have seen it as it was on the news.
Did you guys see it??
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No is there and elcipse today in the US??
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Haven't heard anything about it Fran.....
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Here is a story about it on MSNBC

Its so cloudy here today, I can't even see the sun!
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The last time I saw a solar eclipse (a full one) I was in the 5th grade and we studied it for a couple weeks prior to it happening. Very cool!

A couple years ago I saw my first lunar eclipse, that was very cool as well! I was at a hockey game and during the break I went to the windows to see it, and I wasn't the only one with that idea! The whole area was crowded with people trying to see the lunar eclipse!
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Awww rats i forgot Fran!. I heard it on the radio this morniong and weve had a clear sunny day here today, darn it!
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My students mentioned it this morning. It was a good opportunity for some new vocabulary!
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Well i knew about it,but i forgot about it,can't say i noticed any darkness though

Wasn't there an eclipse afew years ago,you could see it in cornwall and other areas around the world,The media made a big thing of that one,don't know why
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its actually marked on my calendar (as in printed there. I didnt write it in). I noticed it last night and wondered if I would be able to tell during the day.. but I forgot to think about it again later.
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apparently turkey was the only country that went dark from the eclips
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I saw tons of coverage on it on the news. Apparently you could see it from Africa, and across Europe. Here in the US, we did not have an eclipse. The next complete solar eclipse here isn't until 2017.

It looked really cool!

It's a shame it was cloudy for you Fwan.
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