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One year ago today Huggy Bear came home!

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I can not believe a year ago today we went to collect our first ever ragdoll Huggy Bear and bring him home.

It really doesn't feel like he has been here a year, it feels so much longer and I don't know what I would do without him. I love him so very much and he is such a special boy to us.

When he first came home it was a very hard time for us as Huggy Bear was very poorly and had lots of problems. But luckily he made it through, it was a hard fight and lots of hard work but it was totally worth it. We will forever be grateful for all the support our vet gave us...because without them I don't know what we would of done. Huggy Bear still has a few problems but he is so much better and a lot happier...its great to see the difference from when he first came home to a year gone by. You really wouldn't guess he was the same boy!

We love him so much, and for me personally he is everything to me. He keeps his mommy company and always knows how to make me feel better. I really don't know what i would do without him, as he keeps me company whilst I am stuck in bed (am severely long term ill!) and he gives me love and cuddles when I need it the most. He really is everything to me and I love him more than anything in the world.

Huggy Bear has had a lovely day, he has been relaxing in bed with me and being lovely. He had a little bit of a bad morning but he is feeling better now which is good. Tonight he will have a treat of either chicken or beef/lamb mince. He loves both...and we'll give him the choice later .

Now before I go I just wanted to show you a photo of when he came home (we have very few pictures as he was so poorly but we managed to get a good one luckly and from seeing this photo you wouldn't even know he was sick!) and I also want to show a photo of him now...he really has changed!

Huggy Bear When he came home

Huggy Bear Now

I best be saying good bye now, Huggy is looking very cute and I am going to give him some love

Eva x
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Oh Eva, those pics are just wonderful! Doesn't time fly when your in love!!!
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I'll move this to fur pages for you
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He is just so. gorgeous. I love blue pointed cats with big fluffy fur!
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
I'll move this to fur pages for you
I didn't put it in fur pictures because this post wasn't really about pictures, more about me talking about Huggy. I just added a before and after....

Thanks for all your lovely comments, I love my boy so very very much

Eva x
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What a pretty young man he is!! Happy Gotcha day Huggy Bear!
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Wow, he is very beautiful.
I'm not familiar with Ragdolls, but I can see why you picked one
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Huggy Bear is gorgeous! I love the last pic... that's the cutest fluffy rump that I've ever seen!
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