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Ack - a horrible smell....

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....a horrible solvent like gluey smell is coming from somewhere in my office. it is making me nauseous, lightheaded, headachy and is affecting my asthma. they better get rid of it soon - it isn't very good for me or the baby, let alone anyone else who is here! Maybe I'll take my break early and for longer to get away from it!

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Theres nothing burning anywhere is there?. Some conductors have blown at work here and they've left an awful smell.
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If it continues, you really should go home, for your sake, and the baby's.
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Yes you shouldn't risk the smell. Its not your fault its there. Can you work from home for a while until its resolved? I had a problem where I became allergic to something in the office and after a few days whatever it was went away (gotta love being allergic to work!). Well if you can get home that would be best...
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I'm with everyone else Ady.......tell them your going home!
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Well, being pregnant they actually sent me outside for the past hour - it is such a gorgeous day - I sat outside and read a book. I am back now - there is still a smell, but not as bad. Apparently they are doing work on the roof and spilled something in the vents. I have been told that if it bothers me to go back outside. Unfortunately I can't work from home - no files can leave the building for security purposes (I work on highly confidential files - had to have a criminal record check yearly from the RCMP).
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I am glad you got to go outside for fresh air and that the odor is going away! Take your lunch early and eat it there don't bring it to the office!
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