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They know...

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It may sound silly, but it's not what you say but what you mean. A lot of times I told my babies I love them. They don't understand your words but surely they understand your feelings. Today, I tried an experiment, rather silly but still... While they were having their daily breakfast, I told them I loved them. No special reaction, just look at meowmy and continue the meal. In the afternoon, I held them each tightly and whispered I love you, and even before I finished my sentence I got a "kiss". I think that somewhere in our human development we lost our touch with our animal friends. But they haven't lost their touch with us. Am I being silly?
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Not silly at all....that's a wonderful way to express what we get everyday (and unconditionally) from our babies. Makes me want to go home right now and give it a try...
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No it's not silly Maria. I'll normally go up to the girls, say do you love your mummy?, then pucker up for a kiss and they respond back with one
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Not silly at all! I actually did a similar experiment!

I just wish that more people could feel and share the love and understanding we have with our kitties!
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My Portia comes for her cuddles every night when I go to bed, she comes and lies next to me and purrs like crazy and gives me a kiss before going to sleep!
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Caesar my ragdoll cleans my hair for me, (usually after feeding time so i know he is not hungry..) Animals know by your tone of voice and body laungage and I believe they have also similar feelings, (maybe not as deep as ours but they do 'Luv" me back in their own special way.) they treat my husband differently, he treats them the same way i do but they nudge him away, come straight to me and purr away..
there was an article in Cat Fancy awhile back where someone wrote an article that stated Cats do not feel and only use our laps because we are warm, and used other examples. simply stated, the author wrote cats could't care less so long they got their next meal. Completely unbeliebable. Anyone can feed them but they won't cuddle with just anyone.

Anyone that looked into the eyes of the animals at Animal Control could see just how much they feel. (saw some cats that were next to be euthanized and they were much more anxious and deperate...they knew) I wanted to rescue them all but couldn't.

Sorry so long but i got in a discussion recently with someone that stated Animals don't feel love and other feelings and it urked me and had to let it off my chest!!
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Absolutely, 100% they know!! They know when you're sick and don't feel good, when you're upset. Every time I've ever cried, my cat (who usually only loves on me at bedtime) has come up to me, head-butted me and sat on my lap. He will rub his head on me and has this sweet little meow that seems to tell me, "Its okay, I'm here to take care of you and make it all better."
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When Fuzz was alive he became diabetic the last year of his life.

It didn't matter how perfect I kept his schedule, testing, etc. If I was upset about anything, his blood sugar would go up. I began to notice his blood sugar responded to my mood level, or life problems, regardless of whether I showed them outwardly or not.

Rocky, although he's a "pamper me, i'm special" cat, every so often will run over to me, flop over on his side showing his jelly belly, and start to purr really loud, waiting for me to move in close, at which time he gives me a few really enthusiastic, fast kisses on my lips while he purrs even louder. Then he jumps up and goes off to destroy something else (these days probably my shower curtain, I buy them now at the dollar store and go through 3 or 4 a week). No matter, he's worth it. But it's like a kid having to run back to Mommy to make sure she's there and loves him, tell her he loves her, then goes off to play. He makes me melt when he does that.
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I tried it on Skittles and I am getting cleaned LOL. As we speak she is cleaning my shirt. She is being so lovable I love it.
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