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Daily Thread For Friday

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I am out of school for a month. I woke up at nine today with Rascal lying besides me on the bed. Came to the school computer lab to check my email and to say hi to everyone here. Its cloudy and a little windy. Supposed to rain. I have to go to work in a few minutes. Hope everyone is having a good day. I am still recovering from the slight ailment i was having. I've been drinking a lot of water and been going to the restroom. I've lost a few pounds since I stopped eating a lot of junkfood. Its hard when I work at 7-11. I love nachos and burritos, but I manage to only eat Top Ramen noodle soup in a cup, yogurt, and water. No soda! They also sell tuna sandwiches so I eat that too.
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Happy Friday!!!!!!!!! Wooooooooooohoooooooooo! I hope everyone is doing well. I am so excited - I get to go see Stars on Ice tonight. I love watching figure skating. Kurt Browning, Tara Lipinski, Isabella Brasseur & Lloyd Isler are some of the people who will be skating tonight. Poor hubby has to sit thru 3 hrs of skating then go to work tomorrow morning for 7 am. I am going to see if I can talk him into going to the drive-in tomorrow to see Spiderman. He'll probably be too tired. Anyone else have plans this weekend?
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My parents are coming to their summer place this weekend so I'll get to see them. That is always fun, my kids love their nana!!

I want to go thru all my old clothes this weekend to make room for some new stuff I want to get for summer. I hate throwing good clothes away, so I usually go and donate it all to goodwill. Makes me feel like I am doing something good for someone who isn't as fortunate at me.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Happy Friday to you all!
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I went up to the local rescue and volunteered with the cats today. Just sat and pet them all. It was sooo sad! Such beautiful cats, and half of them were "owner surrenders". I don't understand. I just wanted to stay there and love them all day, but had to go to work. There was the ugliest Persian mix that I just fell in love with. He was sooo gangly and his hair was all poofy, and he was sooo skinny... but the sweetest thing! *sigh* There were about 10 cats up there, and I spent a little time with all but one of them (apparently a biter). Of course, I wanted to bring them all home!! But I can't even bring one home because Spawn would NOT be happy. I can't do that to her.

Otherwise it was just a normal day... nothing out of the ordinary! Not sure what I'm doing for the weekend... I'll figure it out as I go, I guess! Hope everyone has a good rest-of-the-day!
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It was a windy day!! I opened the back door at work to dump out the contents of a litter pan and the wind took me and the door almost to the side of the building. lol It was kind of fun but scared the crap out of me!

Nothing special here. I'm feeling really anxious for some reason. Maybe it's because Brian's on the phone flirting with some surveyer. She must some young and cute because he never talks on the phone to anyone for more than 5 minutes.

Well I hope everyone has a great weekend!!
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Work was rough, today: busy, busy, busy! I'm split between two stores, now and the one I'm at, through Sunday, is in a bad neighborhood. I am supposed to watch for shoplifters, constantly. Rowdy is doing well, though. We've had to put her in the bathroom, the past two nights - she wants to play and bite us on the toes and butts: at 3:00 AM! This is NOT acceptable. Opie is taking to her, though. Have a good weekend, everyone!
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