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An agonising wait.....

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Hello all

I've been reading the excellent cat pregnancy advice on this forum for the last month or so as my lovely kitty Tinkerbelle is pregnant. She is 14 months old and before I got round to spaying her (I was intending to!) she escaped one night in January and is now expecting babies. Don't worry...she shall be spayed shortly after the kittens are born and my vet is aware of the situation.

Although its an unplanned pregnancy, I could not be happier. She is expecting 2-3 kittens (according to the vet), 2 of which we shall keep and my relatives are fighting for the other one (if god willing, they are born safe and healthy).

She has been nesting since early February, eating loads and has become so affectionate! However, the wait is agonising. It seems like she acted 'more pregnant' (e.g. nesting) a few weeks ago, than now. Which makes the wait even more agonsing. But these days she sleeps plenty! I guess I am writing this message as I empathise so much with all of you who are also playing the waiting game.

Tinkerbelle has a strange habit though.....she suckles on Gizmo, my 9 year old neutered male cat, very frequently (the two of them are like best pals). Gizmo seems to let her as he is an attention addict. Does anyone have similar experience of this? I'm just wondering if she's going to continue this habit when she has her own babies to nurse!

I attach a link to some pics of my cats (Tinky is the brown tortoiseshell (her stomach is much more huge than in the pic..taken 3 weeks ago), Gizmo is the black and white one).....

This is a great site. Its wonderful to read about the cat lovers and their cats out there.

Minxie x
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Welcome to TCS Minxie! I am glad you found us and have enjoyed your time lurking here *grin* Thanks for sharing your experience with lovely little Tinkerbelle with us - oh and in case you weren't aware of this fact, we love pictures. The more pictures, the happier we are. Send up lots. We love pictures. *smile*

I know I will be looking forward to hearing how you both get along and of course seeing pictures of the babies when they come. Did I mention we love those pictures? *wink*
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YOur cats are soooo cute.
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Minxie...I'm very glad that you have made the commitment to get your cat spayed once her kittens are weaned. Prior to her date at the vet...she should not be allowed anymore outside excursions.

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She is pretty colored. Doesn't it make you wonder what her babies will look like.
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Oh! A torti, she's beautiful!

My pregger cat, Gemma, nurses on my shirt if I'm laying down...I think it makes them feel safe. Some cats will continue to nurse for a LONG time...our 6 (almost 7) year old Torti STILL nurses on shirts. Not as much as she used to, but when she's feeling insecure and needing some loves when the other cats are picking on her (she makes funny noises, so they like chasing her and beating her up...she hates it).

I hope the kittens will all be healthy!
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Thanks for your replies!

momof3rugratz - yes I am intrigued what colour the babies will be! I have no idea! Especially as I don't know what colour the daddy cat is! She is actually half siamese, believe it or not. Her mother gave birth to 3 classic-looking siamese kittens and an odd looking Tinkerbelle (obviously her mum got pregnant by 2 dads...the stud cat and the local alley way cat!). I'll put some pics up once the babies are born.

No major signs of labour yet. She's following me everywhere...she's eating, nipples are huge, but no discharge.

timestreason - interesting! your cat is 6/7 years and still nursing! Good luck with Gemma!
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I had a dream the other night that my girls first kitten was a black and white tux kitty. I was shocked and wondered in my dream how she could have gotten out as its not a possibility. Anyway feline genetics is very interesting. Its always neat to see what colors/patters can occur.
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Meeka's babies will be beautiful - she's a gorgeous cat Solarity
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Tinkerbelle has gone into labour!!!!!! Keep you posted...
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Originally Posted by minxie
Tinkerbelle has gone into labour!!!!!! Keep you posted...
Awww, that is so awesome! Can't wait to hear about the babies!
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How exciting for you! Just remember to breathe ... *grin* ... and of course, post updates as they arrive!
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24 hours later I hope everything went ok. We want pictures.
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thanks for thinking of Tinkerbelle momof3rugratz. She had the babies and there are a few pics of this thread (newborn pics and kitten burger!). Mum and babies are well.

The have doubled in size in just 2 days..amazing.
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hmm I don't see it. I will go back another day or two. I can not figure out where it is unless it is closed.
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momof3rugratz.... the link to the thread with the pics is here....
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Thank you because I still did not find it myself
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