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does your cat know his name?

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The weather got really bad the other day, and I realized Blackie and Fred were both outside so I had to call them.

Blackie is usually just in front of the apartment, under the hedge. Fred I think is going outside instead of using the litterbox. He asks to go out several times a day and comes back in less than 10 minutes, and frankly there is a lot less poop in the box than I think 3 cats should generate. So usually I open the door and they just show up, but that night I didn't see either one of them.

I called a few times, but they did not come. So I waited a few minutes and tried again. I called Fred ("Freddy! C'mere Freddy spaghetti! Where's my Freddy-Foo? Come on Fred.") and he came running from under my car, which is under the carport right next to our apartment. Then I called Blackie ("Come on, Blackie. Come on, Booboo. Where's my Mr. Boo? Where's my boo-foo (beautiful) boy?") and he also came running from under my car.

Now obviously they were both close enough to hear me, the second time anyway, but I think they must know their names because they did not both come when I called, they came in the order I called them.

Anybody else's cat come when called?
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Neither one of mine come when called, its irritating. Hubby thinks cats are stupid and gets frustrated when he tries to 'teach' them their name and they just stare blankly at him.:tounge2: But it doesn't matter, we love them anyway!! We laugh cause he is a 'dog' person, and thinks cats should be able to learn their names as quickly as a dog can. I keep trying to tell him I don't think it will wor.

BUT, if I make this sound ( sort of like snapping my tongue) they will both respond to that. So it works for us, and thats what I use when I need to get them. So, see, cats are smart!!!
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Both know their names!
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Loki knows but seems to have selective hearing
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Cosmo comes when he is called, just like a dog. As a matter of fact he has several dog like qualities. He lays on his back with he legs spread out, just like our dog ethl. Also he likes to chase us when we run and will meow when you say speak. Cosmo was socialized with our dog ethl mainly, he thinks he is a dog.

On the other hand Lucy knows her name, but only comes when called if she is in the mood. Although she will come if I whistle like a bird. I'm not sure if it hurts her ears and she wants me to stop or if she likes it, but it works.

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Mine all know their names. I start calling them by their names really early and when I call each of them, I use a different tone in my voice, so probably they are coming to the tone I use rather than their name, but who knows. Cats are not stupid creatures.
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Rascal comes when I call or at least appears as if to say, 'Yeah, what do you want.' The best way for me to have him come is when I call him, then get one of his toy mice and shake it. He comes out of nowhere and is at my feet.
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Both of mine know their names. They look at me when I say their names. Neither of them come when called unless there is added incentive. Ophelia comes running when we call her after we are done eating. Trent is my little black shadow anyway, so he doesn't get called often!
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My animals all know their name.

Specially Tage.. even in mid sleep if I say his name he gets this look of fear on his face like (what did I do!? I didnt' do anything!?) and gets ready to run away lol

I have to like mentally think in my head really hard "tage I'm not kicking you out of the room, I just want to pet you this time I swear" Sometimes it works!
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Guin definitely knows her name, but has selective hearing like Loki! When it's "Guiiiin, kitty, kitty, kitty." and you're going for the kitchen, here she comes! If it's "GUIN! Get down!" and I'm trying to get her off the table, she acts as if she doesn't know who or what I'm talking about. Goofy girl!
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Sampson does!! He's so smart!! No matter what you say he won't look unless it's Sampson. He's so cute.... I think I'm going to go snuggle him right now.
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Toonces and Patches definitely know there name but Buttons is another story!!!
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Most of mine know their names. The new kittens don't yet, but that's ok. They will soon enough.
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Spawn definately knows her name... whether she answers to it or not is another story.
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Most of my cats just answer to Kitty Kitty, But Merlin knows HIS name, that's for sure....if he is laying down, and I go, "Merlin" he looks up at me, and he comes when I call him.
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Snowball responds more like a dog than a cat. About 95% of the time he responds very quickly, and seems interested in what's going to happen, and when Midnight was alive she responded to her name being called just as quickly. If Snowball is standing next to us and we just say his name he makes cute little noises in response.
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oh yes , Sydney knows his name perfectly !!!!
the best way to call him however is by opening HIS drawer with HIS food !! Works every time !!!!!
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All of mine know their nicknames, which, for the most part, don't even resemble their real names. For instance, we hardly ever call Big Mac by his real name. It's usually something silly like Biggle Wiggle or Jiggly Wiggly or simply Fries (which is a nick for the nick of Biggie Fries - we like Wendy's better than McDonalds!) Peaches is called Squizzy among others, Cookie is usually Cooie, and Pepper is Stinkaroni alot of the time. So I tested them. They responded to all their nicks, and their real names. Except Big. He ignored me when I said "Big Mac". My son said he was probably wondering why I was trying to call fast food sandwiches to the door!

I wondered, too, if my neighbors thought I thought McDonald's now had delivery, and that was how you placed your order!
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All 4 of mine know their names, but only Fred will come when he's called. He will come when you call any of them.
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