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Never give up!

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I just wanted to share with people who will appreciate the thrill my little feral girl has given me this week.

A little background, Ophelia was trapped between the walls of our apartment building and we busted a hole in the wall to let a beautiful little 5-6 week old kitten in. Either we were the first people she ever saw, or she had a bad experience with people. She was definitely a feral kitten who had learned well from her feral mother not to trust people.

Somewhere along the lines, she decided that Daddy was OK. Probably because Daddy was always there, and pretty much ignored her (he works from home). She loves Daddy, even though it was me that spent time with her as a kitten, playing with her and Trent, and wanting so badly for her to trust me. While she would occassionally allow me to pet her, and I could give her treats every night, she didn't really *love* me. She liked me OK, as she sleeps with me almost every night when it's cool (I don't flop around like Daddy) and she knows I feed her and scoop her litter.

In the past week, something in her little feral mind decided that Mommy is more than just acceptable in her life. She's asked for loves from me. She lets me pet her with two hands. She reaches her little face up to mine in an almost kiss (like Trent gives kisses). She comes out to greet me when I come home. She'll go past my legs in a close space (like a doorway) if I tell her that it's OK and acknowledge that I see her there, which she never did before.

It's taken over 6 years. But this little feral girl, who has retained her feralness even though she been in with us for so long, has made another giant leap of faith to love me like I love her. Just made my heart sing.
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Wow, I could feel that right along with you as I read it. That's so wonderful. Congratulations!
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Originally Posted by Charmed654321
Wow, I could feel that right along with you as I read it. That's so wonderful. Congratulations!

How very lovely, Heidi! That "next level" of trust/acceptance is always special, but how much more so from one who has had such a shaky start!
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That is precious.
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Oh Heidi thats so sweet! I actually have tears in my eyes. It just makes me melt hearing these stories of peoples endless patience with Ferals because they know one day they will get a reward. Well done to you and may you have many more of these moments with your baby girl
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That brought tears to my eyes too, Heidi. Ophelia sounds like such a little sweetheart. Every step a feral cat takes towards trusting us is a such a joy to experience. It does take patience, but is so worth the wait to see them blossom. Tell Ophelia we're proud of her!
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YEA Heidi!! That's wonderful..........
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Heidi thats so lovely!

6 Years is a long time but it's been worth the wait
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There is nothing more special than a feral's love. After six years, you have certainly earned it.
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Aw, that is so special! I'm glad she is making progress, after all your years of patience!
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Good for you, Doesn't it make it all worth while?
The last feral I trapped out of 16 was a Momma and 5 babie girls, It took me a year to get her, I found homes for 2 of the girls after they were vetted, and I kept (Momma) Sissy and 3 girls Ziggy, Zazzy, and Zinger, I never gave up I swore i wouldn't untill I got her and I have to say they are the greatest bunch, the girls are the sweetest kindest most loving sweeties, I'm so glad to have them.
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It's kinda funny...I think Daddy is a little jealous. She's always been his little girl - she's had him wrapped around her dew-claw ever since she smacked his hand so hard that it echoed. That was the first time he tried petting her, and she was maybe 3-4 months old. She will always be his baby girl.

But I'm just so thrilled with this new step Ophelia and I have taken. Trent is Mommy's Boy without a doubt, and he probably is my soul-kitty, but the relationship with Ophelia is so special on a different level.
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Se how rewarding it is to be a parent. Doesn't have to be a human child to bring us to tears of happiness.
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Aww, Heidi, that's great! You have to wonder what it is she's thinking, that after 6 years, she's decided to change!
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I have tears, too, reading that. After six years I would have accepted the relationship as was. That she should change on her own and want to share kisses and hugs is just more wonderful than wonderful. Congratulations.
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Heidi, that is fantastic news!

My heart swelled when I read that - such a precious gift for Ophelia to give to you!
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What a heart-warming story. I can imagine how wonderful you must feel. Thank you for sharing with us.
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Thanks you guys. I knew you guys would share in my happiness at this very unexpected change. She hasn't changed her mind about me yet. This morning (at an ungodly 4:00) she woke me up with a very loud MEOW! looking straight at me to get some pets.
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It looks like you've opened a bit of a Pandora's box there, huh? I'm sure you don't mind much, though!
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