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Originally Posted by Zissou'sMom
Well, this cat already bites, and declawing sometimes makes attack personalities even worse, and since bites are actually what causes infection, I think it would make it worse. Also, this cat is obviously poorly socialized and the stress caused by declawing would make him worse. I would rather have a cat claw at me than bite me any day. Somebody needs to do something about the poor cat, and its poor neighbors. I mean, people are actually afraid for their children. Although, the owner claims that her cat and the other people's were fighting and the person tried to get in between them and got attacked. I don't believe her. I doubt the Avon lady brings her cat along on house calls, plus the Avon lady is suing, so I don't think its that simple.
I agree. If it were just one or two cases, then maybe, but apparently several people have called animal control. Cat bites are dangerous (and painful!), and it seems that the owner isn't taking the situation seriously enough. For a cat to be this territorial, it makes me think that perhaps he is not neutered ... This seems like exactly the kind of situation that calls for a cat enclosure so that she can let the little guy outside without terrorizing the neighborhood.

I will say, though, that it's possible that she has not done anything "wrong", though it does seem that she is deluding herself about her cat's behavior. My roommate before I got married adopted a kitten who was never mistreated, but Suki (the cat) just had a really bad mean streak that seemed to get worse as she got older. Eventually my roommate had to rehome her.
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I have been giggling over this story for days.

It is especially amusing to me because I have a cat with what I refer to as a redirectional anger issues myself. If he sees a stange cat in the yard he goes mad and will attack the other cats inside or myself or my husband ... who ever he happens to see first! My hubby and I will grab the other cats and run to a room and close the door ... lol. He gets over it pretty quickly, but it's best to avoid him until he calms down.

He use to be able to go outside when we lived in a less populated area with lots of land. When we moved into a subdivision he had to become an inside only cat because every time he went out he would get into a fight and end up at the vet with a drain tube. I do not think he will ever get over wanting to go outside. He is constantly monitoring the yard for other cats. Much like Lewis he sits at the window thumping his tail.

He's the sweetest cat in the world ... until another cat comes into his yard!
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