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My Dad, who lives an hour from me, has been taking care of a local stray cat for some years. He's about 10 years old and has already had a slew of problems. Just a few months ago he had two enormous, ruptured, basal cell tumors removed from his sides. He had some blunt trauma to his head when he was younger causing the lens of his left eye to pop in front of his iris, and that same trauma kinda screwed up his back a great deal so he walks really funny. Well... that eye of his apparently decided to start looking... more unusual but there was nothing Dad could do as we had only recently paid off his last surgery... and I hadn't seen Puffy in a few months so I didn't know exactly what his eye was doing. Well... Dad called me last week and said it was looking really bad and probably needed to be removed. I got an estimate and we made an appt for an enucleation for wednesday.
And then I saw Puffy. He no long has an eye but a great big, bulging, oozing, cancer thing. We took a met check series of x-rays and also some skull rads and he doesn't appear to have anything wrong in his chest or gut, nor does the cancer appear to have moved into the bone yet. So there is hope. But not much. If the cancer has spread, if they can't get it all, and if they can't salvage enough of his eye lids to properly close the socket, he will be euthanized on the table.

Total cost so far with discount: About $450. And this is on top of my kitten having had a gastrotomy last month that I'm still paying off. Why are animals I care for trying to ruin me emotionally and financially? ARGH!

So please keep Puffy in your prayers tonight.