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"This Cat........

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"This little kitty has sure grown up fast. Now since I am working and the kids are in school, when I come home at night, the place is a mess. My fine furniture is becoming shredded in spots, the house stinks like a litter box. I am embarassed to have my friends come over. The drapes are torn and the blinds are off their cords and it is getting expensive to feed this cat. So although she has lived inside for over a year, and slept on my daughter's pillow, I think tonight, I am going to leave the back door open just a smidge and she will find her way out. I will chase her off the porch with the broom, and if she still hangs around, I will squirt her with a garden hose to get her off the property. After all, she is a cat, a wild creature perfectly capable of fending for herself if she has to. She can eat mice and bugs and I am sure there are plenty of soft-hearted people in this world who would be happy to feed her.

I know I should of got her spayed, but if that kind-hearted person takes her in, then she can get her spayed. Then she can worry about the litterbox smell in the house, the upended trash cans, the frayed furniture sides. I won't even think of the fact that if this cat runs loose without getting fixed, she can have up to three litters a year in her lifetime, and her offsprings can produce over 420,000 kittens in the next 7 years.

I also won't think about her being hungry, cold, frightened, losing trust in people, scared or injured. Because after all, look at that face? That funny loving face, someone is bound to let her into their house aren't they?" (and then the door opens and the cat is loose in the world).
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How sad that this probably happens more often than we'd like to think!
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It is, and after fielding more phone calls about "cat problems" this morning, I had to put my rage and sorrow into some form so I chose to write this. If more people were responsible caretakers for their animals these type of situations would never come up and rescue operations whether large or small would not be overwhelmed during this time of year.

One call this morning was about a neutered stray who had been injured on his leg severely. The person who found him, can't keep him, she did (bless her heart) take him to the vet and he had surgery on his leg. But he needs a quiet place to rest in a cage for at least 7 days, and this person can't keep him and the surgery has tapped her bank account. She called the local shelters around the area and was told the same thing- "this is kitten season, we only take kittens now." So she called me as a last resort. I will keep him in the cage, in the barn until he can be released, and probably if I can't find someone to take him, will put him into an existing feral colony.

Not the ideal situation by any means, but the only one I can come up with at the moment.
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....you have such a kind heart and how lucky he is to find two such gentle and compassionate people.

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I never know whether to be mad or just cry when I hear about things like this. I just can't understand throwing away an animal that depends on you completely for their wellbeing and gives all of their love in return. Maybe it was how I was raised, I don't know.

All I can say is that you, Hissy, and all of the others who volunteer their homes, money, time and love to these poor animals who were betrayed by their "owners" are truly my heros.
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You know who that sounds like? My mom.... She had adopted this unspayed 2 year old cat(I don't know why the cat was adopted out when it was unspayed but that's the least of the cat's problems) named Misty. Well Misty after a while got a little bitchy(I think probably from the hormones and the fact that she lived with my younger brother and sister) and was comming into heat all the time. I kept telling my mom to have her spayed because she's just going to keep comming into heat and maybe it will cool her temperment down.

I know I know, she said but she never spayed her. So when she left my step-dad she left him with the cat and he was threatening to let her loose. I yelled at her to get the cat out of that house and if she didn't want her then find a good home for her. So she found someone at work who wanted her so she brought Misty there with no carrier. Needless to say Misty jumped out of the car and took off. So now there's another unspayed female out there having babies adding to the population problem.

BTW my mom got a new cat and I'm working on her getting him neutered...
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Originally posted by hissy

Not the ideal situation by any means, but the only one I can come up with at the moment.
And that's the hardest part of rescuing, knowing that you can't save them all, and sometimes you can only do what you can do.
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