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Sleeping Cat

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This is so strange to me. I am sure you have all heard of my skittles. Well she is at the least 10 months old. She has never come near me or my kids since hubby found her at 3 weeks old. He nursed her back to health and even cared for her wounds which she had. He did it all. After he was gone she would only let us feed her and that was because we did it in the morning she would only leave from under my bed if we where all gone. The other day (wenesday if correct) she got out of the house when the kids opened the door. She was gone for 2 days. She stayed around the house but wasn't going to come in. Well finally at 4am Fri morning I was able to grab her neck and pull her in away from all the other cats on my porch and when she came in I noticed she was in heat had to be. She was meowing weird and scratching the door. SHe wanted back out. That finally stopped on Sunday, But since Fri night she has been super lovable. Tonight she climbed in my lap to go to sleep with my son who was asleep on my lap. The weird thing is this cat never let me pet her before at all. Now she doesn't leave my site. She wants all this attention. She is even climbing on the desk now and purrrring for me to pet her. She also likes to rub her forhead on my forhead. Can anyone explain this weird turn of events....
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I forgot the pictures my older son took of tonight here they are. Me Skittles and my 5 yr old son Chandler

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Are you not getting her spayed?, because this could be the reason why she's acting like she is.
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I agree, although it's lovely having her cuddle you she really needs to be spayed.
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no she will be getting spayed. My 5 yr old has pnemonia so right now it is hard. Last night she slept right with me. That was a first. So does it mean she is still in heat she isnt doing all the meowing. She has been inside the house since Friday at 4am.
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I would keep her in until she gets spayed.
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Do you think it is safe to say she isnt pregnant then.
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From being a few months old if they've been outside they can get pregnant, so it would be hard to say unless a vet checked her over.
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If she was in heat and outside, then there is a very good chance she's pregnant now. Try to get her in ASAP - you can spay if pregnant, but it might be a little higher in cost.
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Hmm...I posted a comment, then read what you guys said, and realized you're absolutely right. It does sound like she's pregnant.

Let us know how it goes...
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She has only been back inside since last Friday 5 days. And as far as I know when she escaped last Wenesday she wasn't in heat, but when I got her in at 4am Fri morning she was in heat I could tell by her meow. That all ended late sunday night. Here it is Wenesday morning. She can only be a week along if that right. I thought it took like 4 weeks to tell.
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She must of known I was typing about her because she jumped on the keyboard and would not get up. She wants all my attention.
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I would say there's a good chance she's pregnant. Cats don't need to be in heat to get pregnant.
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But I think am confused I figured she was in heat last week when she got out. You mean she could of gotten pregnant before that CRAP... I looked at her I dont even see her nipples she is just so furry LOL. She keeps looking out the window I think she is starting to want out again.
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I would really get her to the vet to be checked over to see if she is pregnant, and also to book her in for a spay because even if she's not pregnant she will need done or she'll cry the house down wanting to get out
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She is set to go in to be spayed. Right now I am dealing with 3 sick kids and snow. I am in Utah few miles from Idaho and the weather isnt great. I have 1 kid with RSV and 1 with bronchitts and another with a touch of Pnemonia. That is why I have had so much time on the board. Everyone is sick so I cant even step foot outside. Skittles isnt even allowed to look out the screan door because I cant open it sue to the heavy wind that keeps passing. Mother Nature is really undecided this year.
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