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Adding a new cat!

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I am so excited! We just agreed to add a new member to our family! I will be picking "Casper" up this coming Sunday. (5 long days from now) I know the first few days when adding a new cat can be a little tense. Any suggestions for making it smoother? Casper will make # 5. He is a quiet tempered young male who is used to being with other cats according to his foster mother.
(I hope I am doing this post right. I often come to this web site to read, but do not often post.)
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In addition to the usual, confining the newcomer, etc. when it is time to introduce, I rub some catnip or some canned food on the newcomer, so s/he seems to smell more inviting to the others.
congratulations! I'll look forward to seeing pics!!!
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Congrats on your new cat!

There is a link somewhere here about introducing new cats. I think I did a search in the behavior forum.

Good luck and I hope all goes well!
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Give him TIME....we're learning that now. Our cats are still grumpy after 5 days of the new whitey, but it's getting slowly better. Luna is coming out more and hanging out. Patches is just a grump and Beauty can care less.
My boyfrend was talking about finding a a new home for Whitey once our internet is back on (it's being fixed today), but I'm in disagreement. when he and I first moved in together it was 3 weeks before we saw some normalcy.
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Definitely look around on this site for tips on introducing cats. The article will tell you exactly what I would...

Put them in separate rooms, new cat in a room with old (already-owned, rather) cat having run of the house. This helps to follow the social structure cats so badly feel the need to follow. Make sure, of course, they each have their necessities...food, water, litterbox, toys, etc.

When you see them starting to play paws under the door, you can let your new baby out to sniff noses, and allow each of them to check each other out. Be sure to be right there in case they start acting aggressively. Don't react too hugely if your current babe decides to bat the other in the head, or some such. It's a natural thing they will most likely have to go through, and it's the establishment of the social structure. They might growl or hiss, which is also normal. But if you see them getting ready for an all-out fight, intervene and put your new baby back in the room for a day or two.

Anyway, if you're sure to do things in their time, are sure to be patient, and are ready to give your current baby loads of attention and love to be sure he/she knows you aren't replacing him/her. Be sure to give your current friend lots of exclusive time with you to make him/her more comfortable.

Otherwise, it should go pretty smoothly. Keep in mind, if they take to each other right away, your current kitty might be fine for a week, maybe two, and then have about a week of just NOT putting up with your new baby. It's just that your current friend thought it was a temporary situation, and has then realized it isn't, and is upset. It'll pass. Like I said, just be patient.

Also be sure to find that article here on the site.

Let us know how it goes, ok?
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