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Oh it's such FUN!
Oh wait, I was thinking of SOMETHING ELSE. hehe
Yes, we are moving to a new apartment, at long last.
It's just in the next building over, so it's not like we'll have to rent a truck or anything, but it's still a pain. Gotta call the utilities, go a few days w/out internet or cable, move the furniture up a flight of stairs, all that fun stuff.

But the new place is a little bigger, and it has...drum-roll please....

Zoe is having fun playing in the boxes.
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Have fun.... yeah, right.

Moving is no fun no matter how far you're going. I've moved between buildings in the same complex, and honestly I think that was harder that moving across town. Pack as if you're still going to load it all into a truck - trust me. I didn't, and well, let's say it could have gone a lot smoother.

Congratulations on the W/D hookup! Once you get used to that, you will never be able to rent without it!
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I second that advice. I was 'asked' to move by the new management of my building/complex last September. I live in downtown Chicago, in a row of large buildings that are all connected on the ground floor. Second floor and up are individual mid-rise towers. Now, I probably would have been able to plan better, but they had me pick a place out Friday morning and needed me to move within a week. See, my buildings are 'going condo' and the decided that tmy old floor in my old building would be the floor for models. Hence the need to move.

It took me a week to move all my cr**. I did get a bigger unit, wiht a view of Sears Tower. I pay the same in rent, which was their concession. Now, an investor has bought my current unit, and I know that when my lease is up at the end of August, he'll jack up the rent to some ridiculous amount...

Pack your stuff in boxes... seriously. You may not think it'll help, but your sanity will thank you in the end.

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Well, we have walked about 20 boxes over...only about 40 more to go!! LOL
Plus the furniture.
Fortunately the boxes aren't huge, and we don't have all that much furniture. 2 entertainment centers, 2 dressers, a bed, a couch, a sofa, and the computer desk. Not bad. The only really heavy peices are the sofa and the living room entertainment center.
It's supposed to rain tomorrow evening, so I am going to pack up the kitchen and the bathroom. That should take all of...an hour and a half. lol
The good thing is we can just throw our clothes in garbage bags or leave them right on the hangers and in the drawers.
I am totally pumped about the W/D hook-up. The dirtly laundry monster is about to devour my bedroom, and I know we'll have to do a couple of loads before we can go pick up the W/D. We have to drive 3 hours over backroads to my fiance's grandparents' house to get it. I just hope it doesn't rain next weekend, because my truck is rear-wheel drive and my fiance is from a very steep part of the state...rear-wheel drive, a load in the bed, and steep, wet roads could get ugly. lol

Moving most definitely sucks. Hopefully we will only do it one more time in the next 10 years, and that will be into a house that we are paying a mortgage on. lol

Amanda, I hope your new landlord doesn't jack your rent too much...that is terrible that he would.
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Amanda, I hope your new landlord doesn't jack your rent too much...that is terrible that he would.
He would... and he will... to someone else. I have an update of my own... apparently, this mystery landlord has chosen to use his 'force-the-tenant-out-of-unit' card with the management. I have 120 days... which really only cuts my lease short one month. Moron. If I could talk to him, I'd assure him I'm not going to renew. I'm moving to Portland, for Chrissakes.

I got this letter under my door today. So, now my apartment hunt is in full swing, as well as my job hunt. I'll take retail... preferably management, since it pays better, but it's hard enough getting a job when you already LIVE in a city... it's harder when you live 2000 miles away.

I won't be able to buy my little yellow school bus here like I'd hoped... I was going to rehab one and drive it with the cats out there... they can ride in comfort. instead of being crammed into some carrier. I don't currently have a car here (i will when I'm out there... my best friend will be handing my old car back to me... complicated situation)... Amtrak doesn't allow animals other than service dogs. If I knew someone with an RV around here, I'd borrow it, or take them along for the ride. I refuse to fly, because I don't want my furkids to end up manhandled by some idiotic baggage handler. So, this leaves a rental car. Would rather not... but my dad isn't keen on me getting a bus, even though it'll cost nearly the same as a rental, and I can keep it. My head is spinning right now. i hate landlords, and people in general right now.

I've found several apt. complexes in Portland and Beaverton that I like... but most of them didn't have floorplans online. I need to see floorplans. I'm the kid of a civil engineer... so I read floorplans really easily. So, now i get to call/email several places and ask for them to send me floorplans. Grr...

My morning was lovely... my afternoon sucked. Now, I'm being really strange and entering all the places I found online, into a database in OpenOffice, so I can compare rates and square footage side by side. I'm such a dork.

My life has to improve at some point. Sorry for hijacking your thread. I just had to vent...

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Wow! And here I was whining about moving one stair-way over!
Good luck with your big move!! I hope it goes well.
I can't blame you for not wanting to fly with the furbabies...I've heard of too many bad things happening to critters in cargo holds.
Don't feel dorky about entering everything on a database...it's smart! I might have to hijack that idea when my fiance and I start the home-buying process.
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You must be so excited to finally have your own washer and dryer!
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