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eating prey?Lost sugar glider :(

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My momma cat cleo and her kittens sleep under my bed.My sugar glider (flying squirrell) got loose along with my friend's glider.Mine was found however I looked under the bed and found the end of the others tail.My friend is in hysterics and I'm waiting for her to have a bowel movement.I just don't feel that she is dead.We tore my room apart from top to bottom and all we found was a bit of the tail.No signs of blood,fur,or bones, nothing!I would assume we would atleast find a tuft of fur or something.Cleo has no prey drive. atleast I've never seen her.I tried to have my baby chinchilla nurse off of her b/c she wasn't getting enough milk and she'll runaway.she 's scared of everything regardless of size.Plus there is no way she could have swollowed it whole.its too big. I guess my question is whether or not they can eat something without leaving a trace other then a bit of tail? My feeling is that knowing her she didn't do it.i feel the kittens may have tried to play and ripped the tail off.i have no idea.
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I'd keep searching for the glider. It could be injured and is hiding!

Is it possible that the glider escaped to the outside?

It would seem to me that you would find more of the glider if, uhm, the cats had gotten to it. Has your cat been inside for a while eating cat food? Once when I had an indoor/outdoor kitty, he brought a mouse to me. When I tried to get the mouse away from the him, the cat swallowed the field mouse whole . But, he proceeded to barf the whole thing up in about 1/2 an hour. His domesticated tummy couldn't take it. I was just wondering if your cat's stomach could handle 'wild' food.

I hope you find the glider in good shape!
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Oh my goodness. Im sorry I love sugar gliders I almost got a pair but I fell in love with my ferret Keiji instead
I feel the glider is probably still hidden somewhere. Any noise at night when the lights are off? Good luck for both of you.
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Oh noooo! I love those little sugar gliders. I want some, but my cat does have a prey instinct. He wouldn't want to eat it, but I'm sure he would inadvertently hurt it in his natural 'play' style. Goodness, this sounds like a case for a detective. Can a glider lose its tail without blood? I think some reptiles can drop it as a defense. Were your kitties still lying there innocently? It just seems odd that there was no other blood, fur, or anything. They are nocturnal, right? So maybe he's hiding somewhere dark? The tail is the part that really confuses me. Best of luck to you and the glider!
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We had a glider (he lives with my ex now) and that was always one of my fears!

I'm surprised they didn't make any noise while the kittens were attacking.

I have no big words of advice, but I had to remember that gliders climb, they are not burrowing animals like hamsters. Hamsters that get loose tend to be found behind the sofa or along the baseboard. Gliders, well, I usually found ours on top of things, on top of the wall unit or in that shelf up high in the closet. So just a reminder to look up high for the missing glider.

Otherwise I'm afraid the polite thing is to offer to replace your friend's pet - since yours may have considered it lunch - and I know that can be expensive!

Good luck finding the glider!
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To my surprise it was in fact the mom who got the glider. We found it in her stool the next day.I just could not believe that the tail was the only trace. I'm waiting for her to pass the scull and bones which she hasn't done yet.My friend is doing much better .she just needed to know what happened.It was nobodies fault.As sad as it is we do realize its the law of the jungle.
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Oh my! That's terrible . Yes, it would seem to be a case of 'animals will be animals'.

It's good that your friend seems to be taking it ok.
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It really depends, My cat leslie, ate around 5 mice whole, (i heard crunching,POTATO CHIP CRUNCH NOISE GROSS!)and barely left a tail. (half the time she ate the tail too!) it really depends if your pet cat was big or little. I doubt a kitten could eat a whole chachila without a trace of blood... Its probobly hiding, (try a stethiscope under the kitchen sink)

Shira Mikagami
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