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Spring Break pics

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Most people head toward the beach on Spring Break, but living in Florida, I head the other way. Last week I was visiting a friend in Atlanta. We spent the day at Stone Mountain, which is about the biggest rock I have ever seen! In addition to climbing the mountain, we toured a restored antebellum plantation, which is on the grounds of the park complex.

This is the oldest known restored building in Georgia. The house is circa 1790.

Slave quarters on the plantation.

The plantation house, circa 1840.

From the top of Stone Mountain. That's downtown Atlanta in the distance.

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Great pics Deb, thank you for sharing
My fiance and I were in Atlanta in October but we ended up stuck in Buckhead the whole time because he had a training class (the traffic was too scary for me to venture out on my own ). We didn't get to see a whole lot unfortunately.

I hope you enjoyed your well deserved time off!
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Great pics. The plantation house and views are gorgeous!
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Those are beautiful pics!
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Beautiful pics Deb. OH, if only those walls could talk huh?
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I love seeing historic stuff like that! I have lived in Georgia most of my life yet I haven't been to Stone Mountain or that plantation. I need to go!! Thanks for the pics Deb!! They are great!!
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Now that my best friend lives there, I like to hit the tourist spots when I go up to visit. Over the summer, I went and toured Jonesboro, just south of Atlanta. It's Margaret Mitchell's home, so there's a Road to Tara museum. Jonesboro was also the last major battle before Sherman took Atlanta, so there's a lot of history there, too. (I kind of love American history.)

I also have taken the CNN and Coke tours. Both were good.
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Wow!! Beautiful pics! Thank you for sharing!
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